By: Savannah Smith | 11-08-2016 | News
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State Department Incredulously Asked Court For 5 Years To Review Clinton's Emails

His critics including President Obama simply dismissed his complaints as mere whining. But there's probably more reason and wisdom to Republican nominee Donald Trump's belief that the system is rigged.

In a court hearing, the State Department requested the federal court to allow them up to a total of five years for their review of 31,000 pages of emails that were recovered by the FBI in its year long earlier investigation of Hillary Clinton's private email server scandal.

State Department officials also informed the court that the FBI provided them with 2,100 emails from Clinton's server that her team either deleted or withheld.

Furious netizens reacted to the reports, finding it incredulous that it would take the State Department five, long years to review just 31,000 pages of emails when the FBI impossibly took mere two weeks to decide on more than 600,000 emails. The fed-up netizens said that what the FBI did is clear proof of how the system is rigged to favor Hillary. And now the same citizens who took their anger on social media question why the State Department is asking around five years, enough time, in case for the next president to finish his or her term? They ask if the State Department is again protecting Hillary Clinton?

The Judicial Watch provided the updates from the Freedom of Information Act hearing related to the lawsuit it filed on Clinton's email controversy.

Tom Fitton, the president of Judicial Watch, said that the State Department officials also denied any knowledge of the emails related to Clinton and top aide Huma Abedin that triggered a supposedly second FBI investigation. The second FBI investigation, as many netizens lamented, ended before it could even truly start.

A federal judge reportedly was as incredulous that it would take the State Department five years to review all the emails furnished to them.

Five years is indeed a long time, enough time to finish the four-year term of the incoming president, and get Hillary off the hook anew.

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