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Trump Says China Tried But Failed to Help On North Korea

Tensions between the entire world and North Korea have been tenacious at best, while North Korea continues to provocatively launch missiles into the waters around their coastline.

Not only has North Korea launched countless missile tests going against every sanction the United Nations can put forth, but also has made outlandish threats at several nations including the United States.

The tensions have never been higher as Kim Jong Un and the American Government continue to exchange heated rhetoric, with the most recent death of the now infamous prisoner of war Otto Warmbier making global headlines.

During a televised White House meeting with Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko, President Trump criticized the way Warmbier's case was handled. The American people are fully aware that a Otto was in large ignored by the Obama Administration after being taken captive by North Korea. Many feel it's in part due to him being a white male.

In the year since his arrest, President Obama made no efforts to reclaim the US Citizen from North Korea. In fact he tried to shift blame at the now grieving parents stating they should have never allowed their son to go. A disgusting display of why Obama is despised by so many.

"What happened to Otto is a disgrace. And I spoke with his family. His family is incredible, but he should have been brought home a long time ago," Trump said in reference to Obama’s failures.

President Trump had extreme difficulty in making statements in regards towards China, in which he'd hoped that China would be able to exert influence over North Korea, leaning heavily on Chinese President Xi Jinping for his assistance.

Earlier in April the two leaders had a high-profile summit in Florida together which some consider to be brilliant to ascertain healthy relations between the two economic and military superpowers. President Trump has frequently praised Xi while resisting criticizing Chinese trade practices.

On Twitter, President Trump tweeted, "While I greatly appreciate the efforts of President Xi & China to help with North Korea, it has not worked out. At least I know China tried!"

It is certain now that President Trump is taking the options of peaceful negotiations off the table with the madman of North Korea, as such tactics have seemed to fail thus far. North Korea has continued to threaten the world with their hostilities and defiance continuing to risk the safety of the region via missile tests.

Very soon it seems judgement will be coming to Pyongyang, and most likely it will be at the hands of Lady Liberty and her unwavering scales of truth and justice.


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name No. 4031 2017-06-21 : 16:55

that guy is a jew, not white

Anonymous No. 4046 2017-06-22 : 01:27

So what? You're a dick head but we don't go on about it.

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