By Savannah Smith   |  06-21-2017   News
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Republican Karen Handel has now defeated Democrat Jon Ossoff in the special election for Georgia’s 6th Congressional district.

The stakes were high for both candidates and their respective parties. The high-profile 30-year-old documentary filmmaker Ossoff, never held public office. But their race was viewed as more than merely a seat in the House.

President Trump underperformed in the historically conservative district in November 2016, and Democrats thought they could capitalize on that fact and secure a win for them. Handel defeated Ossoff by as many as five points, proving that the Democrats are wrong again.

The race was also projected to be a preview of the midterm election in 2018.

Donald Trump, Jr. even took to Twitter to mock Democrats on their loss in Georgia’s special House election. He said: “Congratulations Dems that’s the most expensive participation medal ev…um since November. #maga”

Handel defeated Ossoff in what has turned out to be the most expensive House race in history. Total spending is pegged at a record-breaking $60 million.

Republicans can now boast the victory as proof that so-called backlash to Trump won’t win the House for Democrats. Trump’s critics tried to project the special election in Georgia as a referendum on the first few months of his presidency.

Republicans maintain control of the seat, vacated by Tom Price, the new secretary of health and human services.


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