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Breaking: Machete Attack in London

Josh Caplan, Editor-in-Chief of @VesselNews have been posting messages and updates on his Twitter account on the developing story of machete-brandishing youth in London.

His first tweet said: “London borough of Stamford Hill on lockdown amid reports of youths ‘brandishing machetes.’ He also posted a short clip showing several police patrols blaring their lights on the street.

Caplan followed up with another update: “A spokesman for Jewish neighborhood watch unit, the Shomrim, also said: “Last night’s rave saw two stabbed and reports of gunshots.”

In his succeeding tweet Caplan said: “One person found at scene suffering from stab wound. He has been taken to hospital. Condition unknown.”

His latest tweet said: “Police in Stamford Hill, London form lines and march down the streets to clear rioters, following reports of ‘youths brandishing machetes.’ There was also a video clip which showed lines of police officers marching on the street and screaming instructions.

A woman told the Express that she had reported of an “illegal rave“ on the estate near Lynmouth Road. A police helicopter has been monitoring the violence near the Stamford Hill district.

Another witness shared that he saw a car being attacked by a mob of nearly 30 people armed with bats and hammers.

Additional officers were instructed to go to Stamdford Hill due to reports of a fight with a large group.

The spokesman for Shorim also added that: “Lots of machetes and swords were ditched and hidden by youths in the surrounding streets as police responded to violence.”

Stamford Hill is a largely Jewish community in north-east London very close to the terror attack in Finsbury Park on Monday morning.

A woman met police spokesman told local media that one person was found at the scene suffering from a stab wound. He has been brought to the hospital and that the authorities are waiting an update on his condition.

Stamford Hill and Lynmouth Road were closed in both directions as the police tried to contain the situation.

The incident remains ongoing. This is a developing story.


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flow in No. 4018 2017-06-21 : 07:02

The attacker was clearly of african descent. The mobs were the same, if the videos are to be believed. Using a white person's hands is disingenuous.

Anonymous No. 4044 2017-06-22 : 01:00

Josh Caplan is just another racist shit stirrer, though I must admit his arrogance is almost Trump-like, he says things like we at vaglick newts(yes I confess to sarcasm), it's a one man bleat, and this one should make you smile, he puts himself on a par with the founding fathers, now isn't that hilarious?

Anonymous No. 4101 2017-06-22 : 19:19

I bet hes a nice guy and your just one of those people who thinks everything is racist.

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