By: Savannah Smith | 11-08-2016 | News
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Palin Confident Of Trump's Victory

Believing that Americans have so much enthusiasm for positive change, Sarah Palin is confident that fellow Republican Donald Trump would win in the election.

Trump's victory can only be good for the country, she said, because " if Trump wins, America wins."

The former Republican vice-presidential nominee also downplayed what the polls are showing this close to the election. Palin shared she just does not have a whole lot of faith in polls, going as far as say it was only " for strippers and cross-country skiers".

Palin also told Fox News' " The O' Reilly Factor" that past elections have seen many changes occur at the last minute, and she is convinced this election will be the same.

The former Alaska governor also maintained that Michigan remains " hot, hot, hot" for Trump's message and she is not bothered again by polls showing Clinton leading Trump in Michigan. She refused claims that Trump's momentum has stopped.

Remaining very active in campaigning for Trump down to the last days, Palin said Hillary Clinton is corrupt and we can't simply have her for a leader.

Palin also said women should not vote for Hillary for simply being a woman, as gender is not the issue but what one stands for. She believes that both men and women want the change that America needs.

Palin refused to answer whether she agrees with Trump's opinion that Clinton should be in jail, saying she was not there to indict Hillary because " she's gonna do that herself". Palin believes many things will come to light on election day.

Palin put out a clear choice for Americans- someone who's part of the problem, part of the corrupt system which Hillary represents or someone who's from the private sector whom we can put in there, all revved up to help fix the system. For Palin clearly, the latter is the better option, and the better option is Donald Trump.

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