By: Savannah Smith | 06-20-2017 | News
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Passenger Grabs Wheel and Tries To Steer Bus Off Road in Sicily

Reports in Italian media say a young Sudanese bus passenger grabbed the steering wheel of the vehicle and attempted to pull the vehicle off the road in Sicily. Off-duty soldiers who happen to be onboard the bus intervened before the lives of the bus passengers are put in danger.

The bus was heading from Trapini to Palermo on Tuesday. Fear gripped the other passengers on the bus with the stunt pulled off by the Sudanese passenger, as reports by the ANSA news agency said.

A motive by the Sudanese passenger has yet to be conclusively established. Palermo prosecutors are investigating, however. But terrorism is likely to be ruled out by authorities. Palermo chief prosecutor Francesco Lo Voi says personal motives may be behind the wheel-grabbing bus incident

Europe has been on edge after a series of incidents in which Islamic extremists have used vehicles to plow into crowds of people causing harm, terror and even deaths to innocent victims.

Multitudes of African migrants have flooded Sicily in recent years. Many go to their family members and migrant communities in northern Europe. Others opt to stay behind to find work, particularly in the island’s agriculture industry.

Authorities have also yet to release the identity of the Sudanese bus passenger who almost caused harm to fellow passengers if not for the quick intervention of off-duty soldiers.


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Jesus when will it end? Muslims must go

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