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Q Researcher Exclusive - Exposes Bush/Clinton/Obama Cabal Axis of Evil

You may already be aware that America was on the verge of being completely destroyed by a gang of very powerful criminals who had made their way right into the heart of power.

We didn’t notice because they had become our most trusted leaders.

I have been following the Q-Anon threads for some time now. Some call it a conspiracy but how can the truth about our past be a conspiracy? If you follow the breadcrumbs and do the research yourself, nothing stays hidden.

I recently read a thread on twitter from one of my favorite Q-Anon researchers and I wanted to share it beyond Twitter since Twitter seems hell-bent on censoring conservatives or anyone that doesn’t share the same ideology as the Democrats/Liberals.

This thread was written by Joe M @stormisuponus.

I included a lot of videos to help you with your own research. There are plenty out there, these were the ones I found helpful for me.


Once long ago, there was a rather extraordinary fellow named Prescott Bush, fondly known by some today as Grampa Bush. Prescott was an investment banker and a shareholder in companies who financed the Nazi war machine. As we all know, Nazis didn’t like people very much.

Even though he persuaded his boy, George Herbert Walker, to join the Navy as a pilot on the side of the US, he thought it was really swell that he could make so much money from the Nazi profits as they wiped out millions of young Americans.

Sadly for Grampa, however, he got caught and his assets frozen during the war under the Trading With The Enemy Act. Very annoying! Two pesky Auschwitz slave laborers were still suing the Bush family almost 60 years later! But I digress.

The Nazis lost, and Prescott was really mad that America had done a number on him. He wished Hitler had won and wiped out all these garbage-people once and for all. If only there was a way to get even. Gramps started pondering.

After considering all angles, it became evident to Prescott that there would be no fast way to destroy America. He didn’t have influence with the Soviets (the only major power capable of doing the job) and his Nazi friends had scattered.

What’s more, the country was surrounded by sea - not easy to invade, to say the least, even with U-boats. No, Grampa Bush was going to need to find another way. Snapping his fingers, he thought of just the thing!

Now, this idea was NOT going to be fast. It would have to be the long game. The REALLY long game. But the plan was worth it. Just imagine! Revenge against the Americans who stole his money, while robbing them blind in the process.

So Prescott began his multi-generational plan. He placed his hope in Georgie Herbert Walker. Georgie was trying to make it rich in the oil business and moved to Texas, but Gramps knew that getting into the government was needed to really make a difference, so to speak.

“If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em,” handsome George would say, much to his dad’s delight. He was everything a Nazi-sympathizing dad could ask for. Sly, cunning and without scruples. George HW easily rose in the ranks, becoming Republican Party chairman in Harris County, Texas.

Georgie didn’t care much for politics. Too bureaucratic. Things took too long. Congress bickering, never getting anything done. His dad told stories about the Gestapo, and how they could just go into someone’s house and shoot them in the head if they were in the way. Perfect.

That’s what Georgie wanted. He needed a Gestapo in the USA and he found just the thing - a newly formed government structure, the Agency of Central Intelligence, or referred to today as the CIA. Georgie became the Director.

Things were really swell from here on out. George had tools and powers that nobody in the halls of Congress could even dream of. He could do anything he wanted under the guise of national security, and could label anything he wanted to hide “Classified”. Simple as that!

George was king of the world. He could do ANYTHING! He put this to the test one day when a Democrat president, JFK, was starting to say some worrying stuff. George had been able to silence many people, but this time it was the President himself talking all kinds of shit.

JFK knew that the CIA was just a new Secret Society that was using its powers of secrecy - not to protect the country, but to basically run criminal syndicates, drug trafficking, and other horrors. He said fatefully once that he would scatter it into the wind!

JFK Secret Society Speech (Video)

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“No way, José,” George was heard saying. Not this time. America screwed over his dad, he was not going to let them do it again and stop the plan. And besides, if the CIA he had helped build was so powerful, could it stop a president? George believed in himself.

Mustering all the know-how and secret apparatus the CIA offered, he set out to do his dad proud. He spent many late nights, squinting in the low yellow lamp light over various documents, JFK travel schedules, maps of Dallas and sewage tunnels.

Proof George H Bush was in Dallas the day JFK was Killed

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He gathered his friends and agents and together they orchestrated the perfect plan to stop the pesky Irish lady’s man in the White House once and for all. You all know what happened, now it’s time to skip forward a little.

JFK ll (Video)

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George’s own son, George Walker, was not nearly as smart. Awkward, spoiled and without the charm and wit of his dad - but he could carry basic sentences and was all about the plan that his grandfather had passed down. They were going to get this done, eventually.

HW actually secretly wished Georgie Jr. was more like their friend, Bill Clinton. Now, HERE was a guy who could command the public affection was smart and eloquent and, the icing on the cake, sensationally amoral.

Bill already had his own criminal empire going, and also had designs on political power, but was happy to form a partnership with the Bushes to get their mutual goals done. HW offered his knowledge of the secret intelligence apparatus, Bill brought his fundraising contacts.

Exposing The Early Days of The Clinton Crime Family (Video)

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Bill and the Bushes worked together, throughout the Clinton presidency, accomplishing much. By now, Bill had gotten so deep into the sinister criminal mafia that surrounded him that destroying democracy and West was the only way to really keep the party going.

America was very hard to break; for two reasons. One was a document upon which the country was founded that guaranteed the kinds of freedoms that could not be infringed. Also, a powerful military who would follow orders, but who were loyal to this document above all else.

Enter a North Korean Dictator, Kim Jong Il. A Soviet-trained puppet in command of a distant and secretive patch of land in Asia. Sovereign, but isolated. An ideal model for how Clinton and his elite friends saw the world. Just sickeningly rich rulers, surrounded by serfs.

If he could somehow create an axis with the right people, they could run their criminal empire from there. No government, constitution or rules to slow things down. They would be viewed internationally as a sovereign state but use it as a base to accelerate their plan.

So, the Clintons and Bushes formed a partnership. They would share the presidency over multiple terms to build up North Korea’s nuclear arsenal which they would later use to threaten the world. They would simply alternate parties, between the Bush brothers, Bill & Hillary.

During the Bush and Clinton presidency, they sold technology, uranium, and weapons to North Korea, running many criminal schemes as funding. These would be drugs, guns, and sex trafficking, running up a massive national debt, and breaking down social systems to weaken the US.

They engineered senseless and imbalanced trade deals that would ensure other countries would benefit, and America would become depleted. Our manufacturing stopped, and countless jobs lost. The plan was going exactly as intended.

By this stage, the merry band of bandits had become very efficient. They knew that a squeezed public would revolt, so they set people against each other with social issues, racism, and bigotry. Tensions grew, but people were focused on each other, not our friends at the top.

Then they absorbed another massive crime operation, this time from the Middle East. They were loosely called the Muslim Brotherhood. No different from the Clinton/Bush empire, but who used radical Islam to drive forward their agenda.

Hillary wanted to be president after George W, as it was agreed, but the Muslim Brotherhood’s operative, Barry Soetoro, was just too good to be true. Slick, eloquent, perfect neutral American accent and carried by winds of social romanticism on account of his race.

Barry did precisely as was told. He was not a mastermind of anything, had not a single thought of his own, and was totally and completely governed by his Muslim Brotherhood handlers, the most famous of which we all know as Saudi Billionaire, Alwaleed Talal.

Hillary would just have to wait. And wait she did. By this stage, all of our friends, the Bushes, Clintons, and Muslim Brotherhood crime syndicates were well on their way to achieving everything they had sought to. Most likely even more. America was in really really bad shape.

Why Obama Wants To Destroy America (Video)

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Everything had gone to plan. America had never been sicker, the mafia never more empowered. The Middle East was overrun with terrorists, Europe was being socially upended, the strong economic powers in Southern Africa had become defunct Marxist dictatorships.

This is where things take a rather drastic turn. The now enormous criminal syndicate, bigger than any the world had ever seen, needed just 4 - 6 more years to fully dismantle the military, social systems, and economy, making their final totalitarian dream a reality.

Bubbling beneath the surface was a rising force that seemed to come out of nowhere. A sleeping giant of human greatness that had seemed dormant for several decades. A smoldering oxygen-starved ember that would leap into a billowing furnace at the breaking of the glass.

Hidden beneath the veil of weeds and corruption that by now had choked America and the world to within an inch of its last breath was an alliance of political and military leaders in multiple countries who did not share this same vision for the world.

In fact, they strongly opposed it. They did not want to be a part of the kind of tyrannical system that was to be built on the power-cell of human suffering. They valued human lives, wherever they may be found. They did not see humanity as a commodity merely to be harvested.

Using awe-inspiring levels of intrigue, counter-espionage, bait-and-switch gambits, and covert political genius, and leveraging the very systems put in place by the criminals to subvert the system in their favor, the tide was turned and the world was sensationally taken back.

Hillary Clinton was to be the last US president. Her mandate was to complete the final plan: a world system that Herbert Walker coined, “The New World Order.” Look around you. The evidence is everywhere. From the ruins of Detroit to the slave markets in Libya.

(Fun fact- both speeches where Bush Sr. spoke about “New World Order” were given on 9/11)

George Bush Sr. New World Order Speech 9/11/1990

<div style="width:100%;text-align:center;margin:0 auto;"><iframe width="360" height="202" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></div>

George Bush Sr. New World Order Live Speech 9/11/1991

<div style="width:100%;text-align:center;margin:0 auto;"><iframe width="360" height="202" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></div>

They had carved out for us a spectrum of slavery within which every human being fell. From slave labor camps of North Korea to financial bondage on a criminal debt-backed Fiat financial system in the West. Yet, an alternate future has now instead replaced this vision for us all.

Humanity now gazes upon an alternate vision of the future. One of freedom. Now that we know that social division, political polarization, bigotry, and poverty are man-made constructs, forced upon us by criminals who are now on the retreat, what does this mean? What will we do?

The Democrats Have Gone Too Far (Video)

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I should think everyone who learns the real history of the 20th and 21st century would cast aside their old prejudices and learn to view our fellow humans for what they truly are: forces of light and love who just want to be free and without pain.

Humans do not naturally exist in a state of conflict. They become so when deliberately set against each other by the evil few that once sought to control us all. It’s time to make the world great again. - END

“Make America Great Again”

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“Especially when you have a President who knows what he’s doing”

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