Syrian Villages may be Forced on Poland and Hungary by EU Parliament

By Katherine Davis, The Goldwater · 06-20-2017
Photo credit: Rachwal | Dreamstime

Ska Keller, Chairwoman of the Greens in the European Union Parliament, is demanding resettlements of entire Syrian villages and towns in Europe. According to her, refugees are reluctant to settle in countries where there is not a large amount of refugees from their own countries already. In Eastern European countries like Poland and Hungary, taking and placing entire Syrian communities could be the “solution” needed to have refugees settle down. She stated: “People like to go where their countrymen are already living, it makes the integration and assimilation process easier.”

In response to the refusal of Eastern European countries to take in large numbers of refugees, Keller claims they're in violation of European Union laws and rights and need to be forced, if needed. The European Commission is currently undergoing treaty violation proceedings against Hungary, Poland, and the Czech Republic for their refusal to take in hundreds of thousands of refugees.

Immigration and Asylum Lobbyists Also Demand Unlimited Admission of All Refugees

One day before Keller's demands, refugee organizations also demanded the admission of asylum seekers and refugees in Europe to be unlimited, claiming: “The admission, not the refusal, of refugees strengthens the European integration process.” Several organizations, like PRO ASYL, signed a joint letter where they called for an end to Europe's separation from other countries, demanding an open Europe with unrestricted refugee admissions instead.

They also wanted an expansion of the Mediterranean Sea rescue efforts, with government support, even for volunteer or commercial rescue organizations; elaborate campaigns to improve resettling processes, as well as family reunification with the later arrival of family members.


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She shoul stay off the problems with refugees. Don't push them into Eastern Europe. It is not her busines. Merkel open the borders and only she have to deal with it. Poland Wil never open their borderd for terrorists from radical muslim countrys.

es wäre besser ,wenn diese nette Leute bleiben unter der endlose Pflege diesen Grunen Politikerinen

Way to kick the rise of the right wing into high gear merkel you dumb@$$.

I don't see how this won't inflict extreme animosity towards the EU on Poland, not to mention the cost in lives and damaged property.

Poland must say "NO!" in thunder to loud to ignore.

Ska Keller can show us how it's done by taking refugees into her home and cooking their meals :^)

Good luck :)

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