By: Earnest Jones | 11-07-2016 | News
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Donald Trump Could Win 270 Electoral Votes Becoming The Next U.S. President

The FiveThirtyEight forecast shows that the Republican nominee has a shot at winning Tuesday’s presidential election. Having this in mind, how would the Republican nominee path to the Electoral College appear; let’s take a closer look. The easiest way that the Republican nominee Donald Trump will take the lead with 270 Electoral votes would be if he maintains the lead in the swing states that have inclined towards him, such include; Ohio, Lowa, and Arizona. Trump could also take the lead if he wins the toss-up states of North Carolina and Florida. Trump’s win can also result from winning either of the big state like Michigan or Pennsylvania, or the other minor states that are remaining.

The Republican nominee Donald Trump has a grasp on Georgia and Utah but the independent candidates in the two states necessitate that the Republican step-up his campaign in those states. Otherwise the two states are a bit shaky due to Evan McMullin’s presence

This necessitates that the Republican nominee steps his game up in the other remaining contests; this will allow him to accumulate a set of 90 or more electoral votes so that he is in a position to get the 270 votes, which translates to victory.

This is how Trump will get his victory. To begin with the Republican nominee is guaranteed of victory in Lowa, that will translate to 6 electoral votes followed by Ohio, that will translate to 18 electoral votes, this are the most crucial states in which Mr. Trump has a stronghold. Donald Trump also ought to hold on to Arizona where he’ll probably get 11 electoral votes; this will not be an easy one since the Clinton’s campaign also aims at grabbing the Hispanic votes. However, those states will get him 215 electoral votes and that’s considerable high.

The Republican nominee Donald Trump also ought to win the toss-up states of Florida and that will earn him 29 electoral votes. Considering the fact that Florida is too huge, Trump should not risk losing, however, if he happens to lose he’ll have to step-up in the remaining toss-up states and make sure he grabs the large states to defeat the Democratic nominee. The Florida will not be adequate to give the Republican nominee a win to the White House, he’ll have to reach the 270-electoral vote mark. At this point he has only made 244 electoral votes. This implies that Trump will have to get victory from another toss-up state such as North Carolina this will earn him 15 electoral votes this will boosts his electoral vote count to around 259 electoral votes, this will be very close to him winning the race to the White House but it’s not adequate to hit the 270-electoral vote mark.

To secure undisputed victory, the Republican nominee will have to step-up and accumulate 11 additional electoral votes; this will necessitate that Mr. Trump breaks into Hillary Clinton’s grounds.

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Anonymous No. 452 2016-11-13 : 04:55

Yes. He is going to b our next President.

Anonymous No. 453 2016-11-13 : 04:55

Praying for a landslide, but will settle for 270 + electorals

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