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Sean Spicer Takes Promotion, Seeking Replacement

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer is adored by the masses. He's often times been a hero to the people as he brutalized the media day in and day out.

President Trump once applauded Spicer saying, “That guy gets great ratings. Everyone tunes in."

However reports suggest Sean Spicer has received a promotion after he has been pushing to move into a new role Senior to both the Communications Director and Press Secretary.

Sources close to the Press Secretary have stated he spoken with radio host Laura Ingraham and Daily Mail editor David Martosko, among others to fill the shoes of the difficult role of managing the child behaving media.

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer is reported to be spearheading the search into a replacement himself as he continues to search for the right candidate. Handling the bias and obviously vicious media is much like “being a schoolteacher watching the fourth grade class on a rainy day” Sean Spicer has previously stated.

White House Officials have said that last week, Spicer and White House chief of staff Reince Priebus, reached out to Fox News personality Laura Ingraham about the role of Press Secretary and Daily Mail editor David Martosko about the role of Communications Director.

Chief Strategist Steve Bannon alongside Spicer and Priebus have both reportedly has preliminary discussion with Martosko and Ingraham. Ingraham is obviously a fan favorite to assume the position of Press Secretary based upon her unwavering support for the President and her direct approach to disputing the lies of the left wing media.

Deputy Press Secretary and daughter of Governor Mike Huckabee, Sarah Huckabee-Sanders, has reportedly turned down the position as she's also a mother who wouldn't be able to fulfill both roles with the passion required. Trump supporters still love Sarah as she's a brilliant spokeswoman.

“We have sought input from many people as we look to expand our communications operation,” Huckabee Sanders said. “As he did in the beginning, Sean Spicer is managing both the communications and press office.”

White House Officials are quoting as stating, “Spicer should be elevated and if he’s not, I would not blame him for leaving,” said the White House official. “The president owes him this much for all he’s done for him. Sean is indispensable and I think the president knows that.”

Sean Spicer most recently accompanied President Trump on his foreign trip to Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Europe in May, but wasn’t included among staffers who joined Trump at his meeting with the Pope. It's incredibly rare for a President’s Press Secretary to stick so close to him on an overseas visit which shows how vital Spicer is to the Administration and speaks volumes about how much faith in Sean Spicer that the President has.

There President undoubtedly intends to create a West Wing shakeup and in bringing Spicer unto the inside would be a great maneuver for the President.

Spicer daily briefings are so popular on network and cable news that the ratings brought in from the broadcast are higher than the best rated television series in the same time slots.


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Anonymous No. 3968 2017-06-20 : 00:34

Laura she is loved by everyone and so smart. Although i would miss her on Hannity. Kimberly G from the Five would also be great. She is needed somewhere in WH. Juan had ruined the Five.

Anonymous No. 3978 2017-06-20 : 09:10


Anonymous No. 4011 2017-06-21 : 02:39

Sean Spicer Takes Promotion, Seeking Replacement

last seen talking to several high class hookers(after all, it's takes a whore to replace one)

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