By: Earnest Jones | 11-07-2016 | News
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The Democratic Nominee Confidence Grows As The FBI Clears Her From The Email Probe

The Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is having a sigh of relief after the FBI cleared her from the email probe; many supporters of the Clinton campaign are hulking after the FBI director released the statement in which he said that the FBI had no substantial evidence to prove their charges. Many have questioned the probability of FBI to review 650,000 emails in such a short period but the James Comey has already spoken on behalf of the FBI. The FBI statement took the nation by surprise as the Republican nominee Donald Trump responds by saying that the rigged system is busy trying to defend the Clinton’s campaign. The Republican vice president also responded saying that revealing classified information is a crime.

The FBI director insisted in a statement that he released on Sunday that the recently unraveled emails did not divert the FBI’s resolution on Hillary Clinton facing charges for using private emails and servers to discharge her roles as Secretary of State.

The letter that James Comey released to the congress comes at a time when the early vote data for the Democrats looks very promising, the Hispanic voters in Nevada have been flocking to the polls as the Democratic nominee’s standing in the polls is gradually catching up with the Republican nominee Donald Trump.

The magical number required for any candidate to win the November 8th election is 270 electoral votes, in a statement made by a close ally to the Clinton’s campaign to the Hill; it appears that she is doing fine after James Comey changed his mind on the email probe. Some supporters of the Democratic nominee have responded in colorful ways with some even responding with emoji’s after Clinton was released by the FBI. The polls are intensifying by the hour and the Democrats appear to be worried about the presidential race despite the good news.

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