Man Stomps Kitten to Death When Told of No-Pet Policy on Ontario Train

By Red Pill, The Goldwater · 06-20-2017
Photo credit: Kirill Vorobyev |

Twenty three year old Decalos Edwards Johnson-Foston was about to board a MetroLink transit with his pet kitten in Ontario, Canada when he was told no pets could come on-board .

What soon happened afterwards is a shocking display of cruelty the likes of which the employees of MetroLink had never witnessed in their careers.

Security officers say they tried to stop the man from boarding the Belleville Station MetroLink with a kitten on his shoulder, in order to let him know it's a violation of their policy. The officer claims he told Johnson-Foston he had to apologize but the kitten could not board the transit with him.

According to the witnesses Johnson-Foston then threw the kitten down into the pavement which resulted in severely injuring the feline, then stomped on its head until he crushed the kitten's skull. He then proceeded to board as if nothing had occurred before anyone else could react.

Officials state that Johnson-Foston was later apprehended on the bus when it stopped at it's next point in College Station. Police reported that he allegedly also took money from someone's wallet during the ride.

Johnson-Foston was charged with aggravated cruelty to animals, a class 4 felony and a minor one.

Johnson-Foston is being detained at St. Clair County Jail with a bail bond set at $75,000 USD (S$103,694.25).

Captain Bruce Fleshren, the Chief of Investigations for the Sheriff’s Department stated that, "Actions like this are so senseless, it is hard to comprehend at times If you cannot or will not take care of an animal, please take it to the nearest shelter for proper care."

It is undetermined at this time if the man had a prior criminal history or suffers from mental illness.


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All I have to ask is what kind of man would kill a kitten over not being able to bring it on a train.

Also, I guess Canadian authorities forgot to add a charge for theft, because of stolen money.


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