By: Earnest Jones | 11-07-2016 | News
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Spotlight On Donald Trump: Campaign Sheds Light On The Republican Nominee

The Republican nominee Donald Trump places undisputed value on loyalty and he has proven that in the six months of the campaign period; the Republican nominee has always fought back whenever he is challenged by his opponent Hillary Clinton, Trump has always stood up for what he believes in and he always places loads of emphasis on what he knows. On the other hand, Trump always raises doubt on what he believes is controversial, a good example would be the recent FBI probe on Clintons emails; the Republican nominee has urged Americans not to buy into the lie that has been released by the FBI saying that it’s impossible for the FBI to review 650,000 emails in such a short period, he added that this was just a good example of what the rigged system has always been doing, protecting the Democratic nominee.

Despite Trump’s proclivity for hyperbole and an often-tenuous inclination when it comes to handling the truth, the Republican nominee Donald Trump has proved beyond any reasonable doubt that he is not your average Joe; he’s proved to be a fighter, punch him and he reacts with an upper cut. Despite the enormous pressure that Trump has been subjected to in the campaign period he has always cleared everything up. A concrete example would be the sexual harassment allegations that around eleven women have accused him of, Trump has surprisingly been in position to defend himself and everyone can agree that he has fought a good fight.

In a statement released by Ed Brookover, it was evident that Donald Trump was going to stick to what was in his mind despite the consequences of his actions or statements. Trump always said what was in his mind with a lot of authority. Trump has also proved to be informed bout most the important world affairs in the realm of academics, generals, and even politics; consequently, he has exempted himself from the intense study sessions that most of the candidates have had to go through.

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