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TFW A Lesbian Breaks Your Jaw

A female teacher who was engaged in secret lesbian love affair broke her erotic lover's jaw as the victim revealed explicit details of their three year affair to her mother.

The sexual deviance and erotic fantasies of the two women was made public in a court hearing on Monday.

Alexa Collier, 26, had been in a covert same-sex romance with Nicola Lees but had asked Nicola to keep it quiet and to hide her sexuality from her family.

In the court testimony, the Personal Trainer Miss Lees, stated that after she became fed up with hiding their passionate love and that she turned up at the home of Alexa Collier to finally reveal the truth to her mother Gill.

Upon arrival at the home Lees said an argument broke out with 53-year old Mrs Collier calling Miss Lees a "slut", a "whore" and a "tramp."

Lees said she was enraged and responded with "I'm the tramp bitch? Your daughter was in a hotel with me licking my pussy!" Collier herself and Miss Lees then began fighting in a physical wrestling confrontation, it was said.

At which time Lees stated that Collier returned with a devastating punch to the jaw of her secret lesbian lover. In fact Alexa struck Nicola with such force it required multiple surgeries to repair the broken jaw.

The brawl occurred last July after the couple had already broken up, court records stated. However the two femme-fatale lesbians would meet often in hotels to have erotic sex and pleasure each other.

In the testimony Nicola began crying, saying “We were together for three years and split up and we were still seeing each other, it was on and off. She never made it clear she didn't want to be in a relationship with me. Alexa was telling me not to tell her mum and we were keeping it as a secret. She was scared of coming out to her parents. If she didn't want a relationship why was she with me for three years and still seeing me for a year. Alexa was still seeing me, still texting me and going to hotel rooms. Clearly she was just doing it to keep me there hanging on.”

Nicola Lees went on to suggest that Alexa Collier would “get off on playing with her emotions”. She stayed she told Alexa that she no longer wanted to be “messed about” and that she was in love with her.

Collier later posted messages on Snapchat and Instagram in order to trigger Miss Lees. Lees said she perceived the social media posts as an attempt to "wind her up" and she decided then to rush to her lesbian lover's family home in Chadderton, near Oldham to come clean once and for all and profess their love.

During the testimony Nicola Lees said, “I went to her house with the intention to sort everything out and speak to her mum and get out what we had been doing for many years. My aim of going round was to put everything straight with her mum.”

She paused briefly while crying and said “I felt we needed to talk about things and I was claimed to be this person that I'm not. I'm nice person and everything needed to come out that we were in a relationship. I was told to go away because she didn't want me to tell her mum that she was in a relationship with me and still seeing me.

"When I was told to go away her mum ran out of the house and started calling me a slut, whore, and tramp and said 'get away from my house'. I went to get in the car and Alexa came following me.”

The testimony again took a break as Nicola wiped tears from her eyes then continued "I was shouting that it was all her mother's fault that the relationship broke down and she forced us to split up. I did say if I was that much of a tramp and a slut why was your daughter fucking me for the last week. The relationship wasn't entirely over she kept telling me she loved me and would always love me.”

Lees went in to say that “a neighbor came over and stood in the middle of us and I don't remember much else, I was hit.”

In closing testimony she said, “The injury I sustained was a fractured jaw which the hospital had to operate on. After I received the blow I had gone home and my jaw was really sore. I lost the feeling in my chin, lip and side of my face. It just felt like it was hanging low. I couldn't physically move when I happened. I couldn't physically speak because if was sore, I was just mumbling words."

In open court, Prosecutor David Bentley said, "For the first two years of their relationship it was a secret but by the third year Nicola wanted everyone to know that they were a couple.”

“As soon as she had said this the defendant leaned around her neighbor who was standing between the two women and punched the complainant to the left side of her face before walking back towards the house. The complainant got back into the car and left the area but her face felt sore and she had lost sensation in her lip and chin area, with her facing starting to swell.”

All is fair in love and war I suppose. Miss Lees after leaving attended the North Manchester General Hospital where she was subject to x-rays and underwent surgery to have metal plate and three screws fitted to her lower jaw, which held her lower teeth in place. Collier said no comment in police interview. She did deny doing the damage to her lesbian lover.

The trial of the lesbian who broke her sexual fantasy secret lover's jaw will be continued later this month.


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