By: Earnest Jones | 11-07-2016 | News
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Trump Campaign On Reno Scene In Nevada: Was It Another assassination attempt?

The Republican nominee Donald Trump held a campaign rally in Reno, Nevada.

There was a rapid turn of events as everything did not turn out as expected; a fracas erupted as the Republican nominee was evacuated off stage by the Secret Service since the scuffle had erupted next to the stage, it was unclear what was going on since the man who started the scuffle was speculated to be armed. Fortunately, the Secret Service responded immediately and evacuated the man.

Amidst the frightening chaos, some of Donald Trump’s top surrogates appeared to be confident as they strongly disapproved claims that the Republican nominee Donald Trump had escaped an assassination attempt. Some of the top surrogates included Dan Scavino the top social media aide to Donald Trump. Consequently, during a campaign rally in Denver, Father Andre Mahanna released a statement in which he said that the Republican nominee had survived an assassination attempt.

The Republican’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway responded on Sunday Morning by saying that the whole scuffle was planned by the Democrats in abide to disrupt Donald Trump’s campaign, she added by saying that Scavino’s and Trump’s Jr’s statement were rumors and she therefore excused the two for passing the rumors. Both Scavino and Trump Jr. had posted tweets in which they insinuated that the whole scuffle was an assassination attempt.

It all started when a Republican supporter revealed a sign post that was written “Republicans Against Donald Trump” this was totally unexpected that a Trump supporter would be holding such a sign during the Republican nominee’s campaign rally that was held in Reno Nevada; this was the trigger that led to the whole scuffle. After the unexpected turn of events, the Republican nominee was rushed off stage as it was unclear on what exactly was going on, it was speculated that the man in the crowd was armed. However, the Secret Service immediately handled the man and apprehended him, the suspect was later identified to be Austin Crites and unfortunately, he had no weapon. The whole scenario appears to be what the Republican campaign manager termed as the Democrats attempt to disrupt the Republicans campaign.

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