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Lion-Faced Man Gets New Lease On Life After Surgeons Rebuild His Face

There is a host of bizarre diseases and malformations that afflict the people of the world. Most have heard of "Elephantitus" (the elephant man), but perhaps you haven't heard of "Lion Face Syndrome." Similar to what you may think, the syndrome derives its name from the similarities of the features between those affected by the disease and lions.

One man's rare condition was diagnosed as Lion Face Syndrome which makes his face look like a lion by protruding and extenuating his facial features. 41-year-old Suresh of Tamil Nadu in India has been suffering from the syndrome since he was 18-years-old. It began causing his face to swell to an agonizing and frightful size. For years, doctors were powerless to help him.

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The rare condition is identified by the overgrowth of the facial bones creating a lion-like appearance which led to its name. According to the most recent medical reports, Lion Face Syndrome can only be treated by exposing the overgrown bones and shaving them down.

The process is both painful, risky and expensive causing Suresh to have to live with his condition for the last 20 years. He sought medical treatment but each time doctors were at a loss for what to do. But now, all that is about to change thanks to a surgeon named Sunil Richardson.

"This patient had visited more than a dozen surgeons in different cities seeking treatment and all of the doctors only delayed it," Dr. Richardson said. "He heard about our craniofacial work through another patient and then came over. Since he was a poor patient, we treated him for free, and he only paid for his medicines."

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Dr. Richardson continued, "Surgical treatment is the only effective choice, and we did a cosmetic shave of the lesion without leaving an obvious scar." Post surgery photos show a miraculous change in Suresh's appearance thanks to Dr. Richardson.

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Are you ready to see what Suresh looks like now? It is quite a stunning difference thanks to the 42-year-old Dr. Richardson who said that Suresh's condition was a result of fibrous dysplasia, a disease that turns normal bone into connective tissue. The painful affliction is rare and can cause Leontiasis Ossea, as it's more commonly known, "Lion Face Syndrome."

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This miraculous difference has occurred in just ten days of being at the hospital. Dr. Richardson is being praised as one of the best in the field at treating Lion Face Syndrome. "It’s a very, very rare condition and – as this case is true classical leontiasis ossea – it is even more rare," Dr. Richardson explained. "There are maybe a few ever published in literature."

It took 10 days for the procedure to take place and on the tenth day, Suresh was able to leave the intensive care wing in Nagercoil, India. If Lion's Face Syndrome is left untreated it can lead to blindness, suffocation, and can even interfere with eating. One by one the syndrome claims the body's senses from the cerebral pressure. Thankfully, Suresh got a new treatment and his life has been changed forever.

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