By Red Pill   |  06-18-2017   News
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Reports from the scene near Finsbury Park in North London are surging that a vehicle has plowed into multiple pedestrians.

Initial statements from eyewitnesses suggest there has been at least one arrest in the incident on Seven Sisters Road.

Nearby the attack site is the Finsbury Park Mosque, and at this time it's believed to be either another Radical Islamic Terror attack against the citizens of London, England or a retaliatory strike against Muslims. All reports of the identity of the suspect or victims are currently unconfirmed.

Such attacks are becoming more and more frequent due to the Globalist policies of Open Borders that have been welcomed by the corrupt governing body in the UK and across Europe.

Casualties are severe with reporters of at least ten total people being hit. More details will arrive as the status updates are given by authorities.


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Anonymous No. 3974 1497930744

All you had to do in order for this to be a proper report of the events that took place there, was to stop at "Their identities are unconfirmed" instead of jumping into assumptions for the cause of this in what is supposed to be a news report.

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