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President Trump The Interdimensional Chessmaster

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Ever since the beginning of the campaign season, President Trump has been a masterful tactician in his prospects to control the narrative. Some would call him Genius if not a Chessmaster.

He's been able to on countless occasions depict the media as the left wing agenda driven and corrupt establishment propaganda machine that it has always been. Until the primary and campaign season, however, the majority of Americans were asleep to this suggestion.

In fact, President Trump actually has been proven correct on every suggestion he has made along the campaign trail and even more so since becoming President of the United States.

Some call it the Trump Curse, some call it prophecy. Others have even gone as far into the conspiratorial realm stating that Trump could be a time-traveler. No that's not a joke, many people believe it.

There never seems to be a dull moment with President Trump. The media has savagely attacked the Trump Administration at every turn. Attempting to cause turmoil in a divide and conquer scheme that is seemingly never ending.

Each time however their attacks on Trump appointees or those within his Administration including the President himself have backfired against the media and the left. President Trump is constantly left with a smug look on his face after vindication.

So why the unbearable lies from the media? It certainly seems that Cultural Marxism over the span of several decades has been agenda driven into the hearts and minds of the left wing. Those very pupils under the Marxist agenda are now the pundits we see on television media and the opinionated journalists who write for the powerhouse publications.

The Washington Post, the New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, Huffington Post; and countless others are daily pushing smears against our President.

Such is the case now after the complete collapse of the Russian Allegations via the James Comey testimony. The entire Administration has been vindicated yet again which only further compels the people to distrust and despise the media.

Along the campaign trail, President Trump was in a clearly one-sided interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper where he stated to Mr. Cooper, “The people don't trust you, and the people don't trust the media.” Those words have never been a correct Mr. President.

After the Russian Flop, however, the hit piece propaganda outlet known as the Washington Post was quick to change the subject to their next despicable narrative. They would now push the suggestion that newly appointed Special Counsel to oversee the committee into President Trump's campaign and their alleged Russian ties would be investigating the President for ‘Obstruction of Justice’.

In fact, this is now what liberals and progressive media together are pushing as they screech autistically into an empty hugbox of their own. All across social media, it's ‘muh Drumpf will surely be impeached now’ which is the same tried and tired rhetoric they've spun for countless months.

What if it's all 4d chess though? What if President Trump intentionally hypes the situation with allowing participants in his Administration to make public implications of controversy so that at a later date the President and his Administration can then destroy the Media?

It certainly seems as if this may be the case from the Chessmaster himself.

Picture this scenario for a moment; you've planted six apple trees along with ten others on a farm. In five years those trees will sprout into a beautiful orchard. You certainly know you've used the proper fertilizer and tended to the soil so your apple trees will be lush. However, the other ten people carelessly planted their trees. The farm is then hit with a downpour. All of the trees planted (except yours) are damaged goods. The farm owner is irate. He rants and raves for weeks at the lost crops. Inside though you know you were right. You're patient, and you wait the five years. Five years later your trees are the most delicious apples on that farm. You're vindicated and you savor every moment of the crisp apple.

What if that's President Trump's angle? Who else benefits but Donald J. Trump from the media and the left being proven wrong over and over. Stocks are soaring at an all-time high. Job growth is increasing. Harsh regulations against the industry in America has been wiped away with the stroke of a pen. Obama’s disastrous policies continue to disappear leaving Barack Obama will an empty book and zero legacies at all.

Could this be the case? I think is plausible. Trump is only gaining more support with each passing day contrary to the fake news media polls and their results put out. Ask yourselves how many of you have ever been polled? I haven't. Not even once.

In fact, many from within the Democratic Party are fleeing the party over the outlandish claims they are making. Everyday blue collar Democrats find the suggestions incredibly disturbing and see them as obvious lies by their own party and by the media.

In fact, many Democrats detest the party after their mishandling of the Primaries which were obviously rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton and this has been fully exposed.

President Trump knows this. President Trump is again a Genius Businessman who has long trial and error history of perfection through failure and successes. He knows what works. He knows how to market.

By allowing the media to keep pushing the obvious lies over and over during their Russian smear campaign, President Trump knowing he was innocent also knew the truth would set him free.

He watched as the media tried to attack him. They attacked his family. They attacked his Administration’s policies. They attacked the Attorney General Jeff Sessions. They attacked everyone and everything close to Trump.

President Trump would have the last laugh, however. James Comey would fall on the sword under oath and not only expose himself as a potential criminal, admitting to leaking to the media and also stealing property from the FBI in regards to his own memorandums which were written in FBI offices on the taxpayer’s dime, but further vindicate President Trump in firing Comey in the first place.

I'm certain when President Trump watched the testimony he sipped on his glass of water with his feet kicked up in the Oval Office with the biggest smug grin of any President in the history of the country. Certainly always being right must be pleasing.

As if that wasn't enough, the media for half a year has attacked one of the most honorable and respected men in President Trump’s Administration, now Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Let's talk about Jeff Sessions for a moment. I had the great pleasure of meeting Jeff along the campaign trail. He hails from Alabama and he's been at several rallies with the President during the Primaries and Campaign for President.

The people of the South worship this man. He'd traditionally Christian, a devoted husband and father, and an all-around compassionate man if faith. Many in his hometown day Jeff Sessions would take the shirt off his back in order to give you warmth. He's that kind of guy.

AG Jeff Sessions was accused by the media a hundred times of meeting with Russian officials in his office and at the RNC. Such meetings are absolutely normal. He was a United States Senator this is what they do. They meet foreign Ambassadors and representatives daily.

They attend events together, they chat and have lunch. This is typical politics. You build trust and friendships. In fact, Democrats who were pushing such accusations themselves had met with the same officials on countless occasions. Pot meet kettle.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions was depicted by the media as somehow being suspected of treason. Such attacks against such a greatly respected man infuriated his supporters and all of those who know and love him.

That didn't stop the media from pushing a divide and conquer spin daily, however, suggesting there may be rifts from within. Even the White House Spokesman Sean Spicer played into their suggestions with cleverly planted responses that no doubt President Trump wrote the plays for.

Once again it was a genius move. Throwing out the bait hook and the media keeps biting. Complete orchestrated control of the narrative by this President.

Then came the day of reckoning, the Sessions Testimony.

Under Oath, Jeff Sessions destroyed the media. Absolutely devoured the left wing. He called any suggestions of wrongdoing or coercion between himself and Russia an “Appalling and Detestable Lie”. The crowd watching at home went wild.

You could almost feel the thunder under your feet from all across America as Trump Supporters knew once again the media and their Marxist Conspiracy Agenda was destroyed in a complete annihilation.

Now they're pushing the same nonsense again with the claims of obstruction. President Trump has fired back on Twitter blowing their narrative away.

Slowly dripping leaks from anonymous sources again in the left wing publications give the idea that President Trump has considered firing Robert Mueller.

Robert Mueller is already despised by the public on the right and left for his mishandling of September 11th, misleading facts that led to the Iraq War, and even a history of cover-ups involving organized crime before he was ever FBI Director.

So now we watch. We wait. The media has taken the bait again and believe they're going to get away into the deep with the worm. Somehow they forget every time there's a hook attached to that worm. Soon they will be reeled in again and become the filet on the dinner table for us to devour.

Why does this keep happening? It's certain that President Trump realizes these Marxists in the media and our government wish to destroy the values of America. They'd come close to doing so under Obama actually.

He watched for years at the destruction of this nation. He hoped and prayed that there would be a leader to save America. Finally, President Trump saw that in order for this to happen he would have to do it himself.

The Chessmaster, watching every move, calculating every play. Never ceasing to be two steps ahead. The greatest President America has ever seen in this millennium, and possibly in the history of the nation, President Donald J. Trump.

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Anonymous No. 3923 2017-06-19 : 00:50

Good article with great imagery.

side note: If Sessions would cut out the marijuana witch hunt shit, he'd be amazing. It may not be the panacea it is believed to be by some, but it is a good medicine for many things nonetheless.

Anonymous No. 3924 2017-06-19 : 00:54

You are quite possibly the most delusional person in America, oh wait I forgot Trump, OK, second most delusional

The Poster Above Is A Liberal Faggo No. 3932 2017-06-19 : 07:27


aww dwiddums, poor boy, buh bye No. 3942 2017-06-19 : 16:16

dude if i was, you'd be the first one asking to suck it,

by the way has anyone checked chumpanzee for syphilis, it would explain sooo much

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