By: Savannah Smith | 06-18-2017 | News
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It’s Payback Time for Rape-Fakers

Crime does not pay, neither is making up a crime that did not exist. In fact, lies can prove to be very expensive. A University of Virginia (UVA) fraternity will stand to receive a $1.65 million payment for the destruction and defamation caused by the fabricated charges of Sabrina Erdely.

Erdely invented a tale of gang rape by Phi Kappa Psi members, spun through a “fantastic”, “incredible” manipulated UVA student dubbed “Jackie” and published by left-wing Rolling Stone magazine. The lies behind Erdely’s false accusations were exposed when independent journalists probed the matter in 2014.

UVA dean of students Nicole Eramo previously filed a separate defamation lawsuit. She won a $3 million jury verdict in 2016 after it was proven that her reputation suffered great damage after Rolling Stone painted her as an “uncaring”, “obstructionist” school official who callously covered up sexual assault cases on campus. Eramo said that she felt vindicated with the decision.

The question, however remains whether what Eramo stands to receive is enough to “compensate” for the harm inflicted on her. There is also the bigger question whether such penalties will be enough to deter future “rape hoaxers” and their media enablers-who don’t do their job well of thorough investigation and verification- from fabricating and perpetuating vicious lies against innocent, young men?

Phi Kappa Psi sued at first for $25 million, but received only a tiny portion of that amount. Eramo’s jury award also decreased significantly after she agreed to a settlement with Rolling Stone in April. The reality is, despite Eramo’s court triumph, she still faced huge legal bills related to trial costs and a threatened appeal.

Three other Phi Kappa Psi alumni, George Elias IV, Stephen Hadford and Ross Fowler, filed a third defamation suit that was dismissed by a federal judge last year. But in April, the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals in New York heard arguments for reinstating the case. It will take some time and resources for the fraternity members broken by Erdely’s lies to be made whole again.

In 2011, Erdely published a huge “investigation” in Rolling Stone alleging a “high-level conspiracy” to cover up sexual abuse by Philadelphia Catholic clergy. Erdely featured the graphic allegations of a troubled accuser known as “Billy Doe,” who threw wild rape charges against two Catholic priests and a lay teacher. His testimony resulted in the convictions of four men (one of whom died in prison), while “Billy” received a $5 million settlement.

Ralph Cipriano, independent investigative journalist and founder of BigTrial, has unearthed the lies, and schemes of former altar boy “Billy” — a.k.a. Daniel Gallagher — over the past five years. Last month, Cipriano reported that a key detective in the case, Joe Walsh, filed an affidavit in the Philadelphia Common Pleas Court outlining Gallagher’s deception. Gallagher admitted to Walsh that his stories of “brutal anal rapes, death threats, (and) getting tied up naked with altar sashes” were just made up.

But the DA’s office still proceeded with the prosecutions. And Rolling Stone has never corrected or updated Erdely’s article.

In 2013, Erdely published another piece of half-baked advocacy journalism on “The Rape of Petty Officer (Rebecca) Blumer: Inside the military’s culture of sex abuse, denial and cover-up.”

Fraternities, religious institutions, the military, and the entire male population have been defamed by a scheming liar with a laptop and her “progressive” editors at Democrat donor Jann Wenner’s flagship rock music rag. All for promoting “rape culture” propaganda at any cost.

With their lies now uncovered, it’s payback time.


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