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Alabama AG Joins Fight Against Sanctuary Cities

A strong advocate for Trump and a widely respected Alabama Attorney General, Steve Marshall, is set to join a multi-state coalition Friday defending President Donald Trump's executive order directing the federal government to execute penalties on places declaring themselves "sanctuary cities" for immigrants.

In an optimistic outlook, the Trump Administration’s Executive Order tells the U.S. Attorney General as well as the Secretary Department of the Homeland Security that sanctuary cities will not be able to obtain Federal Grant money as it's in violation of federal laws.

A united band of Attorney Generals from Arkansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas and West Virginia, filed a 19-page document that supports the Federal Government's decision to dismiss three lawsuits which challenge the Constitutionality of the Executive Order.

The President is within his right to defend the nation and enact Executive Orders. The coalition argues the lawsuits undermine the President's immigration enforcement authority.

Alabama Attorney General Marshall defended the order because he claims it will encourage sanctuary cities to obey the laws of the land and in theory, they will not be willing to pass on Federal Grant money.

"Sanctuary cities, jurisdictions that prohibit or impede the enforcement of federal immigration laws, not only defy the rule of law but also hinder the ability of law enforcement to effectively protect the public," Marshall said. "Such cities also pose harm to other areas by providing a refuge for criminal illegal aliens who commit crimes out of state."

A suspected Soros funded branch of Project Indivisible on Tuesday due of immigrants and advocates of illegal immigrants rights gathered at Birmingham City Hall to ask the city council to pass an ordinance declaring the city a sanctuary city.

Such a proposal is shunned by most in Alabama and this is a small minority of illegal immigrants who would stand to benefit. The proposal would block Birmingham's participation in illegal federal registries or surveillance programs that target individuals of Muslim faith or Arab, Middle Eastern and North African background, according to Adelante Alabama Worker Center.

Birmingham, however, has an incredibly liberal set of leadership that is well funded from many minority advocacy groups across the United States due to its civil rights past and victories. The proposal was given to the city's law department for review.


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