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5 Suicide Bombers Strike Simultaneously In Afghanistan

Several dozen of people were killed or wounded when as many as five suicide bombers attacked simultaneously at an Afghanistan Police Headquarters in eastern Afghanistan on Sunday in a horrendous incident.

The Taliban has claimed responsibility for the deadly attacks which began around 6:30 a.m. (0200 GMT) when one strapped to the core suicide bomber exploded himself inside a car which was also packed full of highly combustible materials at the gate of the Police Headquarters in Gardez City, which is the Capital of Paktia Province, said Najib Danish.

Another Spokesman from the Interior Ministry said that four more suicide bombers then rushed the front gates with the intent of killing more law enforcement officers and innocent bystanders.

At least two of the would be suicide bombers were shot and killed by police before they could detonate. Afghan Special Forces engaged the other two fanatics in a long and drawn out firefight which resulted in two more police killed and five wounded of those who had responded to the attack.

The city hospital released a statement saying that the bodies of five deceased officers had arrived with another 30 additional wounded from the suicide bombings and another 20 civilians critically injured.

The Taliban’s spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid reporting more than 100 police were killed and wounded. The United States has said however that the Radical Islamist group often exaggerates their casualty numbers in attacks against government targets and security forces for the goal of propaganda.

Many Islamic insurgent militias like the Taliban and Islamic State in recent weeks of amped up attacks to levels unseen since the beginning of the war in a string of attacks across Afghanistan.

Most recently the Islamic State claimed responsibility for a deadly attack on a mosque in Kabul, which happened on Thursday.

The bloodshed has increased however which is alarming as many are suggesting now that more US forces are going to be needed to curb the violence in what appears to be a never ending quagmire.

A massive truck bombing and later suicide attacks left hundreds dead and wounded at the end of May and beginning of June, raising political tensions for the Afghan government, which is struggling to combat rising violence and corruption.

The Pentagon has stated that thousands of international troops will remain in the country to train and assist Afghan security forces as well as carry out counter-terrorism missions. The war is far from over and may require more serious measures at the cost of American lives and taxpayers who have already spent nearly 3 trillion dollars on the war.

President Trump and American lawmakers will soon decide whether or not to send 3-10,000 more troops to the region in coming weeks.


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