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Israel Slapped in Face Over Africa to Asia Bridge

Terror still controls the Israeli government from the bridge due to be established between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Egypt, which connects the resort area of Sharm el Sheikh with the head Hamid in Tabuk region north of Saudi Arabia through Tiran Island, along 50 km after the passage of the Convention on the re-demarcation of the maritime boundary of the consent of a majority of the house of parliament.

Tel Aviv expressed its objection to the King Salman bridge, according to the Israeli radio, confirming that this project has been disabled since former president Hosni Mubarak, and returned after the revolution of June 30 by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Sisi.

The radio said, that there is a serious strategic threat to Israel by the freedom of navigation to and from the outlet of the southern sea, if the establishment of a bridge over the islands of TIRAN and Sinafir, located at the entrance of Aqaba, indicating that Israel often said before, that the closure of the Strait of Tiran and Sinafir direct cause of war

And the Israeli government led by Benjamin Netanyahu planned to abort the Egyptian Saudi agreement to build the bridge that prevents Israeli ships of navigation through the Strait of Tiran and makes the movement of trade between Egypt and the kingdom much easier than it is, as well as easy transportation of pilgrims in the Hajj season.

Since Saudi Arabia isn’t part of the Camp David treaty, then Returning the two islands to Saudi Arabia will be the golden key to open the door for Egypt and Saudi Arabia to secure the bridge through military bases of the highest level. This bridge will also support oil and gas pipelines from Saudi Arabia to Egypt and will extend a pipeline across the Red Sea and the land of Egypt and the Mediterranean up to Europe. This will spare Saudi Arabia of The price of oil transport vehicles. the land trade between Asia and Africa's going to cause a qualitative leap. The bridge will connect all middle east countries and unite them which will. a negative impact on the security and economy of Israel. Israel dream of building a canal linking the Red Sea and the Dead Sea and the Mediterranean Sea will be a dead dream.

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