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Caitlin Jenner Condemns Paris Accord, Says It Will Just Ruin U.S. Economy

Caitlyn Jenner strongly condemned the Paris climate change agreement during a discussion on stage at the College Republican National Committee’s summer convention on Friday night.

Jenner gave her views during a question and answer session over dinner. She emphatically said: “I am all for getting out of the Paris accord.”

The Olympic champion elaborated on why she disapproves of the agreement. She added: “I just think the Paris accord was just a way for the rest of the world to kind of ruin us economically. To me it was all about transfer of wealth- get it out of the United States and give it to other countries.”

Jenner said that the money that the U.S. will spend to comply with the accord will be better spent on the military and veterans instead.

Jenner also touched on other issues, like voicing her solid support, in contrast, to the military. She said: “We have to continue to have the strongest military in the world so nobody will screw with us. Simple. And if they do, they know what the consequences are going to be.”

The transgender activist also voiced support for other conservative causes like dismantling regulations, trimming the national debt, support for Israel, among others.

A known Republican, Jenner also revealed during the convention that she met with more than a dozen Republican lawmakers before the November election last year. She said she discussed issues with members of Congress then where they discussed matters of faith, community problems and her issues with the Republican Party.

Jenner chose to end her speech on a high, positive note for Republicans, noting the party’s current position of power in government. Jenner said: “We are in a great position as far as being Republicans, you know, we’ve got the executive branch, Congress, the Senate. Let’s take the next few years and let’s really make a difference. Let’s do everything to support our Constitution, to support hopefully less government, less regulation, and let’s support the American people.”


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Anonymous No. 3927 2017-06-19 : 03:41

Bruce Jenners qualifications are??

Oh yes, sport, mmm and killing people in cars then blaming it on the vehicle he smashed the victims car into. oh and reportedly finally changing sex(only Caits word on that).

So to sumarise, we should listen to a no qualificationed sports person who is good at running into and killing people, blaming others, then being a publicity whore(amongst others) to garner sympathy(and money) whilst blaming wife for being unhappy before 'claiming' he has become she(without evidence).

Yeah, you should listen to fruit for advice… oh wait, really an orange?

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