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UFO Cover-Up: NORAD Has Intercepted 75 UFOs in the Past Five Years

A Canadian UFO researcher has received response on a freedom of information request from NORAD, which confirmed that the joint American-Canadian RADAR operation has tracked almost 2000 UFOs over the past five years.

The staggering number implies that approximately 400 UFOs are spotted flying in the skies over North America every single year. NORAD has also revealed that 75 of these UFOs have been intercepted in the recent past.

If NORAD officials spot an unknown flying craft on the radar, they alert the Airforce to scramble and attempt to identify the craft.

The report indicates that this has happened seventy-five times in the past five years but the military organization refused to release the information about the operations or whether they had identified the UFOs which flagged up on the radar.

The Canadian UFO Researcher Victor Viggiani, has been frustrated after NORAD refused to release further information on the operations and what they discovered.

Viggiani claims that representatives from NORAD have told him that ‘unknown track reports’ are classified as top secret and cannot be released into the public domain for issues relating to ‘national security’ and espionage.

He however claims that the information cannot be released because of national security is little more than a smokescreen to cover up what the Canadian and the United States militaries have discovered as a result of UFO detection over the continent.

Viggiani is convinced that NORAD officials have discovered proof of extraterrestrial visitors to Earth. He also claimed that when he received the NORAD documents with regards to the intercepts and sightings, he was threatened with indictment if he ever released the file.


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Anonymous No. 3943 2017-06-19 : 16:22

captain fruitwad says he should be allowed access to top secret information regarding the USA's air defence system, i wonder why they said no?

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