By: Lawrence Synder | 11-07-2016 | News
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Mike Pence Accuses Hillary Clinton of Telling Maid to Print Classified Documents

During a recent interview, Indiana Governor Mike Pence accused Hillary Clinton of compromising national security by asking her maid to print government documents, with some including confidential information, on various occasions. He then noted that this type of behavior clearly suggests that Clinton believes that she’s above the law.

While discussing his and Republican candidate Donald Trump’s campaign on Fox News, Pence talked about the potential dangers of electing Clinton into office. He reminded the public that under her administration, the people can expect to see the same type of dirty politics marred with controversies and scandals that they had experienced from her and her husband Bill Clinton.

The vice presidential hopeful then cited a report published by the New York Post on Sunday about Clinton asking her maid to print out sensitive documents from her private email account. This, of course, is against the law and is a violation of basic government protocol since her maid, who has been identified as Marina Santos, does not have the proper security clearance to handle official or classified material.

As noted by the news site, some of the sensitive email documents that Clinton asked Santos to print were clearly marked as confidential.

“We just found out this morning that she had her maid print off classified information,” Pence said on Fox News. “The American people know no one is above the law.”

“We commend the FBI for following the facts and re-opening the investigation,” he added. “I think this is part of the way the American people need to count the costs in this election.”

Pence then said that this is just example of the type of “fast and loose” type of political leadership that the public can expect under another Clinton administration. Conversely, Trump’s government will provide a clean slate for the country that will allow the public to live under an administration that’s geared towards improving the nation.

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