By: Earnest Jones | 06-17-2017 | News
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Texas: Nex-Gen 911 Responders Watch Crimes Live Inside Your Home

Next Generation 911 is being adopted by Houston County’s 911, the center will have the capability of receiving texts and live stream video from security surveillance systems. This implies that if someone breaks into your house and you’re hiding, you’ll be able to text 911 for help.

Alternatively, if the alarm goes off, 911 operators will be in a position to view a live video stream from the security surveillance system and tell law enforcement what’s happening. The next gen 911 is part of a $6.5 million 911 center upgrade and renovation.

AT&T, Verizon and other cellphone carriers will have to be officially notified that the county expects to start receiving text messages in the first quarter of 2017. This will give the carriers time to make any necessary updates to their systems. The public education campaign would also be initiated before alarm companies can live stream security surveillance video into the 911 center.

The idea is to present the option of allowing residents and business owners to share the live feed when an alarm goes off. However, not all alarm companies offer the service, but for those that do and for residents and businesses owners who want it, 911 operators would then have eyes inside when an alarm sounds.

The decision whether to opt in or out would be up to the consumers and their alarm companies, with no action required by the governments within the city or county. Both the live stream technology and text messaging will go a long way in guaranteeing the security that we all need.


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Anonymous No. 3881 2017-06-17 : 22:42

No fucking way would I install this police state technology inside my home! Never.

My security is my firearm and entry-point fortification for my front and back doors.

Anonymous No. 4213 2017-06-24 : 16:46

What are you on about? it's simply a linking app, if you have any devicxes with cam and/or accesible audio in or around you house they become available in emergency situations. but hey if you're paranoid then unless you put everything in a shielded box you're screwed, after all, by your logic, if this is available to buy how long do you think the government has had it. some modern tv's, fridges, etc have cams and mics, and of course internet access

By the way, your little gun speech? useless, I could go on about stats, evidence from around the world, etc, but I know it's useless, there's always those who worship nra or the whole right to bear arms, or even the 'data' studies where it';s been skewed, twisted or misrepresented. I will say this though, in a real situation you will probably die, or worse, you'll shoot at a shadow and either a family member or some innocent down the way will be harmed, but hey, at least you can save money on real security

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