By: Earnest Wright | 06-17-2017 | News
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Two Jewish Suspects Arrested Over Swastika Graffiti on Synagogues

Reports from Authorities suggests that they hold two teenagers responsible for the paint attacks in Petah. The statement, which was released on Sunday, revealed that they had arrested two teenagers on suspicion of daubing swastikas on two synagogues in the central town of Petah Tikva.

It’s not surprising that a police source confirmed to The Times of Israel that the suspects, 17, from Petah Tikva and Haifa, are both Jewish.

Police received a report on the 3rd of June indicating that a swastika had been sprayed on the walls of a synagogue on Sokolov Street in Petah Tikva, and another synagogue on Usishkin Street in the city, police said in a statement.

The two minors were arrested after an investigation, which is ongoing, was opened in April after Nazi images appeared as screensavers on computers in a school in Petah Tikva.

Some students were detained by police after a complaint was filed about two memes of Hitler and concentration camps which appeared on the computer network of the high school.

The police spokesperson revealed that at the time it appeared that a minor, a student of the educational institution, did some work on a computer in one of the classes, in which he created a presentation with Nazi content.

Several incidents have been investigated on swastikas spray-paints in various locations in the city in the past few months. The authorities are yet to confirm whether the two 17-year-old suspects were connected to previous incidents of swastika graffiti in the city.


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Anonymous No. 3868 2017-06-17 : 17:12

Amazingly, accurate.. but incomplete, first off this is from the racist section of 8chan, shocker. secondly, it's as yet unconfirmed as to ether the teens are israeli or palestinian, further it may be that they are converts to radical islam, as has happened with western christian teens

brox No. 3872 2017-06-17 : 18:34

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Marla Lynn No. 3874 2017-06-17 : 20:05

I thought the Jewish Teens were trying to implicate Palestinians

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