By: Savannah Smith | 11-07-2016 | News
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Hillary Violated Ethics Agreement Regarding Clinton Foundation Foreign Donations

Just when you think you've heard all the lies peddled by Hillary Clinton and actions that show her untrustworthiness, turns out there's more. It gives yet another proof on how Clinton mixes her public office as Secretary of State and affairs of the Clinton Foundation, illustrating gross unethical practices which Hillary seems to show no compunction for.

A Reuters report says that it has been confirmed that the Clinton Foundation received $1million gift from the Qatari government while she served as Secretary of State. The gift was supposedly in honor of former president Bill Clinton's 65th birthday.

But what could be so unethical or irregular about that? Hillary Clinton signed an ethics agreement with the Obama administration before taking on the role of Secretary of State regarding her family's well-established global family foundation. The ethics agreement binds Hillary, in the spirit of transparency, to notify the State Department of new or increased donations made by foreign governments to the Foundation.

Records show that the Clinton Foundation received the $1 million donation from the Qatar government, but no records at the State Department confirms that Hillary, at any point, notified the department about the donation.

The Qatari donation in 2011 although supposedly meant for the organization's global projects, was made to especially mark the birthday of Bill Clinton. In fact, on April of that same year, Amitabh Desai, the Clinton Foundation's foreign policy director, emailed his colleagues to state that the Qataris are making a special request to meet the former president in New York City even just for five minutes to present the check.

Officials of the Clinton Foundation tried to wave off accountability by saying that the Qatari's donation did not constitute a " material increase" in Qatari's contributions. The same officials refuse to confirm whether the Qataris got their wish of personally meeting Bill Clinton, much more, what they could have possibly discussed if the meeting did push through.

Reuters reported that the Clinton Foundation based on its own website that it received from Qatar government anywhere from $1 million to $5 million over the years.

The foreign donations accepted by the Clinton Foundation have become a bone of contention for Hillary and her presidential run because it opens so much possibilities of conflict of interest, that those donors very likely pushed for political favors or accommodation from Hillary during her term as Secretary of State and top diplomat of the U.S.

Republican nominee Donald Trump has previously challenged Hillary and her family to return those foreign donations, including Qatar which has a questionable human rights record.

It was also found out from the foundation and state department records that at least eight more other countries beside Qatar gave new or increased contributions to the Clinton Foundation. Yet the Clinton Foundation again did not comply with the ethics agreement earlier signed by Hillary, and did not inform the state department about the donations.

Hillary Clinton has repeatedly promised that if she becomes the new president, the family-operated Clinton Foundation will stop accepting donations from foreign countries for its programs.

Sounds like a good promise, but what makes Hillary believe that the American people would still believe her when she could not even make good on her ethics agreement with the government, and in so many other cases where she lied big time?

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