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School children were having a time of their life during a picnic at Warren Elementary School in the Calumet Heights neighborhood when all hell broke loose. Two girls were shot at the grade school picnic on the South Side on Friday afternoon.

One was shot in the hand and the younger girl in the thigh.

One of the girls, identified as Dekayla, was admitted to Comer Children's Hospital while in a serious condition.

Dakayla and other children had been celebrating the end of the school year at Warren Elementary School in Pill Hill with water balloon fights, hot dogs, barbecue, and volleyball.

A black car was spotted circling the school before a dozen shots were fired shortly after 1:30 p.m. Children screamed and scattered as teachers raced to protect their students at the school at 9239 S. Jeffery Avenue.

Makayla and the 7-year-old were both taken in serious condition to Comer Children's Hospital, according to Larry Langford, a spokesman for the Chicago Fire Department. The playground was scattered with jump ropes and jackets and a football with a bullet in it. Authorities reported that the shooting occurred shortly after three suspended students tried to attend the picnic but were removed from school grounds by security.

The suspended students stormed into the picnic, drawing fire that hit the girls, according to police Superintendent Eddie Johnson.

Shortly before the shooting started, 14-year-old Anja Williams said she saw a black car driving around the playground where she and her three cousins were playing. The car circled a second time and she was about to tell a teacher when there was gunfire.


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Anonymous No. 3854 1497699673

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by the way dakayla or makayla? at least try for some consistency

Anonymous No. 3861 1497708737

Lets face it 8chan is exponentially more reliable than the mainstream media, who were all suggesting that Hillary was going to win the 2016.

Seems really absurd now when you look back on it.

Anonymous No. 3866 1497718767

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