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Internet Safety Advocate Urges The Undecided To Vote for Trump & Uphold American Values

Non-profit organization CEO Donna Rice Hughes believes that America finds itself at a crossroads this election. And never had there been so much division, hostility, frustration and confusion among the people.

As a college-educated woman, she believes she represents the supposedly swing vote in this election. But based from her values, principles and personal interaction with one presidential aspirant, Hughes is clear with her choice. She writes an opinion piece for the Fox News to serve as guidepost to those who may still be confused as whom to support.

Hughes breaks down the basic characteristics of the two leading contenders. She sees Hillary Clinton as a liberal-leaning Democrat and a veteran career politician who best represents the political establishment. She views Donald Trump as a successful business man, an outsider who is outspoken but sincere with his words, thoughts and emotions.

Hughes shares that she has clearly chosen Trump as her would-be president. She is quick to clarify that doing so does not mean she has ignored his past or some of his indefensible comments, but she appreciated the fact that he had apologized. She has chosen to forgive him.

Hughes is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and date rape at 22. She has been at the front lines fighting to prevent the sexual exploitation of children and women as president of Enough is Enough. Enough is Enough is a national bi-partisan non-profit organization that has led the fight to make the internet safer for children and families since 1994.

The non-profit organization head met Trump two years ago at a CPAC event. She saw him as a kind and gracious gentleman. He already shared to her back then his desire to run for president.

Hughes says she saw Trump's passion for America, the conviction in his eyes and a fire in his belly. Hughes believes that God has humbled the once flawed Trump to mold the Republican into a great leader.

The author, speaker, media commentator and Emmy award-winning producer of Internet Safety 101 TV series also believes that the philosophy of the Trump-Pence tandem best mirrors a government for the people and by the people. One of the most important issues for Hughes in this election is the issue on abortion. She thinks that abortion on demand is one of the great scourges of our nation- something Clinton supports and Trump opposes. Hughes believes that the inalienable right of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness meant from womb to tomb.

Hughes also strongly agrees with the Trump-Pence tandem in so many other issues that matter from Israel to a prosperous thriving economy. She believes the duo would lead America forward, and best solve the challenges and problems of a failed economy, inexcusable unemployment, a broken immigration system, an unfair tax system, corruption in politics, unfavorable trade deals, shaky foreign policy, failed Obamacare, out of control national debt, and a diminished military. The military should be strengthened to be able to defend Americans against radical Islamist terrorists and terrorist nations who have declared war on America and our ally Israel.

The CEO of Enough is Enough (EIE) likewise feels strongly about her personal advocacy of internet safety for children, the 4th ranked health concern for U.S. children. She is happy to share that as " law and order" candidate, Trump signed this summer the Children's Internet Safety Presidential Pledge developed by Hughes' non-profit EIE.

Hughes is also happy that Trump has chosen a solid group of conservatives, principled, talented leaders to stand by his side. She reminds that in this election, Americans are not only voting for President and Vice-President, but also for about 7,000 political appointees and more than 300 persons who will be appointed to the judiciary including the Supreme Court whose rulings will have a great impact on the country for the next fifty years, and not just four.

It should serve as danger sign for the still undecided voters that Clinton has committed to appointing pro-abortion judges, among others, while Trump has consistently said he will appoint pro-life judges, says Hughes.

In conclusion, Hughes ask all responsible citizens to vote, quoting the famous words of John F. Kennedy " ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country". Going out to vote on Tuesday is a good start to concretize such words of wisdom from JFK.

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