By: Katherine Davis | 06-17-2017 | News
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Hungarian Prime Minister Tells German Politicians to Step Off

In a radio interview on Friday, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán complained about German politicians and told them to leave him and Hungary alone. He stated: “I can't remember any point in time when we Hungarians told the Germans what to do. We ask German politicians to leave us alone and not to drag us into their election campaigns.” Hungary had shown nothing but respect for Germany over the years, he added.

His complaints are a response to Angela Merkel's support of the European Commission's treaty violation proceedings against Hungary, Poland, and the Czech Republic. Earlier this week, the Commission decided that the three countries must be held accountable for their refusal to take in hundreds of thousands of refugees into their countries. The details of the punishment, likely financial in nature, are yet to be decided. Hungary has filed a lawsuit against this decision with the European Court of Justice.

Merkel stated, during a visit to the Estonian Prime Minister Jüri Ratas, that the European Commission's decisions were justified and that they were acting responsibly. According to her, there is nothing to criticize about the Commission's decision.

Furthermore, Martin Schulz, a major German candidate for Chancellor, stated as part of his election promises that any member of the European Union that refused to comply with refugee policies, like Hungary, should no longer receive funds and financial support from the European Union.


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Anonymous No. 3849 2017-06-17 : 11:09

slightly better sources, now if only you could reduce your bias

note one source has english option, but last one is a total rag that stole it's name from a former real paper

anon No. 3852 2017-06-17 : 11:21

Wow talk about moaning for no reason.

Of course a story on Germany and Hungary would have sources that are not English.

Maybe broaden your horizons and learn a new language?

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