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Nationwide Child Sex Trafficking FOIA Exposed

In an effort to expose security trafficking of minor children that most of the media in America refuses to cover, Disobedient Media, an independent American Media outlet filed a Freedom of Information Act regarding Child Pornography and Human / Sex Trafficking. The United States Federal government then granted the approval for the information and Disobedient has published 102 pages worth of documents.

The new release comes from the New York State Select Committee On Crime. The documents describe a thorough investigation into child pornography and human trafficking by two detectives from the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police Department dating back decades. The findings were presented to officials on July 26, 1982.

At the conclusion of the investigation, detectives were able to determine that organized crime did, in fact, play a major role in the illegal distribution of Child Pornography. However, the day to day operations of the illegal distribution ring was handled by a demented hand clenching ‘group of collectors’. The report states they would “trade material and trade male prostitutes back and forth. ”

As months went by into the original investigation it was later revealed that several young male and female minors that had been kidnapped or had gone missing were being transported between California and D.C. along with a route known as the “California Connection.”

Similarly, it's a well-known route to law enforcement as it's also used to traffic illegal narcotics. The route in itself connects between Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New Orleans, New York, D.C., and Florida.

From the official investigation, the detectives said that clients could call a phone number in Houston from Washington and have a young boy delivered directly to wherever they were currently located in order to satisfy the sick pedophilia cravings of whoever was willing to spend the cash to do so.

Not only lying was this a major operation that could span across the entire United States, but purchases of the sick and twisted pedophile desires could even be made with credit cards.

Detectives also found that front companies under various guises such as photography studios, book stores, models, and model agencies were all set up to make credit card statements appear as if the buyer had made a legitimate purchase through a legal service industry. Yes, it was this complex.

Unaccompanied minor children were also prostituted out of gay bars and clubs were high-class elites were in attendance. In some cases, there would be as many as 50 to 75 minors at a single bar. Detectives also realized that some of the minors were from different sections of the country and were generally runaways who were willing to submit to the life of prostitution.

Often times children would have been fleeing foster homes or orphanages that they had been placed into by the state. Many times however once a minor entered that dark and disastrous lifestyle of criminal activity, the organized crime handlers and pimps would get the child addicted to narcotics in order to keep them under control, and were told not to talk to the police, and that if they did, they would receive bodily harm or be killed.

Anytime the detectives were able to identify someone they could accuse of being a ringleader, however, the system would work against their efforts. William Oates, a well known pornographic film director and owner of exclusive burlesque houses out of D.C., Pittsburgh, and New York, came to the surface during the extent of the investigation.

His industries, mostly illegal, catered to male homosexual clientele and had live stage performances by dancers who doubled as prostitutes.

Another known subject of the investigation was Paul Abrams, who ran a call service out of New York, which included male prostitutes and children. Abrams was later arrested and pled guilty to prostitution, but received only probation for his involvement in the felony offense.

Detectives also went as far as to suggest that these call services would supplement their income by selling private information on the personal preferences of their clients to agents of British, Israeli, and Soviet intelligence services. Intelligence agencies have a documented history of seeking sexual blackmail to exert control over public figures and government assets. Often times this has been a masterful way to force a particular agenda to be pushed by politicians in all political parties.

According to the information provided by the detectives in this release, anti-human trafficking efforts by their respective agencies were cut short by lack of funding and almost no support from the federal government.

To also put a plug on their efforts, trafficking victims would often put up an argument against the return home to their families for fear of persecution from them and face judgmental scrutiny from their local communities.

In a brilliant exposé, the investigation’s content sheds new light on the nexus between human trafficking, organized crime, and government agencies. It is also likely they the investigation has roots which extend beyond the currently released documents.

You can download the full 102 pages of the Disobedient Media FOIA request returns here:


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Anonymous No. 3858 2017-06-17 : 12:32

source disobedientmedia is a known fake news site its creator here, is a known whack job. His preference is for pedo stories as above, known for creating false documents, etc.

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