By: Diana Printz | 11-05-2016 | News

TRUMP in the LINE of FIRE!

The Republican Nominee Donald Trump was rushed off the backstage for a short time in the middle of his rally in Reno, Nevada Saturday night.Someone from the big crowd at the Reno Sparks Convention Center shouted "Gun!", prompting two Secret Service agents to rush in Trump's side and take him off the stage.

The secret service said that one person was apprehended. They search the man and the area, however yielded no weapon. A witness by the name of David Newton said he saw the man holding the sign trying to get closer on the stage before the ensuing disturbance. Newton noticed that the man has something on his belly, but he could not establish what it was. When someone screamed "gun!", people jumped on the man.

Donald Trump returned quickly back in the stage after the interruption and continue his speech.

“No one said it would be easy for us, But we will never stop” as he addressed the incident. He also thanked the Secret Service and law enforcement resources in Reno for their fast and professional response, and he never forget to thank the thousands of people for their undying support. Nothing will stop him making the America Great Again!

Trump just showed his real dedication on becoming the next president despite of the well planned action of his opponent on how the election will be rigged.If we can recall the videos released by the Veritas Action Group, where the DNC hired mentally ill people to incite violence in every Trump rally and the rampant voter fraud that was revealed in the exposè. It was earlier this year as well when people wearing Donald Ducks costumes started showing up at Donald Trump events all over the country. Few days before the election day I think there’s more things that will happen in order to be in the White House. So Im telling everybody to be careful and vigilant as we all head to vote in November 8.

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