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The Truth Is Out There? IT IS HERE!

Today an explosive alleged leak comes to light that is being argued for and against from many respected officials in the search for extraterrestrial life.

The leak, is claimed to have been from United State’s Defense Intelligence Agency, stating that the United States has in it's own possession the crashed objects identified as UFOs and the remains of 27 believed to be extraterrestrial corpses.

Many conspiracy theorists are claiming the leak from the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) to be a bombshell of proof regarding the existence and the United State’s cover up of extraterrestrial beings.

The alleged forty seven page document claims to purport the knowledge of the 1947 Roswell Crash being legitimate fact and that the United States government has covered up the incident ever since.

Six pages of the forty seven page alleged document focuses solely on the infamous Roswell, New Mexico “crash by extraterrestrial entities” suggesting that not only does the United States acknowledge the existence of the aircraft privately but they're publicly putting out a spin to discredit the facts and evidence.

However, several other self proclaimed “UFO Experts” are branding this DIA “leak” as an elaborate hoax and disinformation. The alleged leak suggests that the United State’s government has set up unofficial top secret groups in the aftermath of the Roswell incident. Some in order to do legitimate reverse engineering and examination of the craft and some to intentionally create disinformation in the eyes of the public domain.

The leak further personified the existence of the top secret government group known to conspiracy theorists as an intelligence agency going by the pseudonym “Majestic 12”, which is an alleged intelligence group set up to investigate "alien visitations of earth" by order of President Harry S Truman in September 1947.

In a specific four page report that some say was written in January of 1989, if legitimate appears to be a report based upon the findings of the Majestic 12 group and their final conclusions.

The alleged report states that Advanced beings of non-human nature are continuously being detected along with their flying disc craft in the controlled air space of the US since July 7 1947. The remain of seven flying craft and the bodies of 27 non-human beings have been recovered as of this briefing date, and are at present being studied by Majestic-12 scientists.”

At least three of the alleged recovered spacecraft were supposedly recovered completely intact according to the report. One such machine is considered to be maintained and has been reverse engineered by America's own military since 1948.

The report continues to state, “Since 1957, no additional alien craft have been available for study. The assessment is that these beings have adapted or perfected these machines to the conditions of our world as to avoid any further such revealing crashes."

If what the newly leaked document reports is actual truth, it lists the Majestic 13 group of being comprised of six private sector scientists and six if the nation's most respected senior military officials.

The report claims that NASA Ames Research Centre in California was a center for operation and reverse engineering also listing several other sites across the United States as being responsible for research and development regarding the extraterrestrial beings and their technology.

Heather Wade, host of US late-night online paranormal radio show “Midnight in the Desert”, claims to have received the document from a known government source who has not been named to protect their identity.

Highly respected Nuclear Physicist Stanton Friedman is investigating the authenticity of the document, of whom is also widely known as an advocate for UFO Disclosure.

A well known advocate for Disclosure, The Paradigm Research Group (PRG), has consistently tried to pressure the White House to disclose documents about UFOs. The PRG believes the report could possibly be genuine, but accepts it could also be fake.

The Defense Intelligence Agency has not yet responded to requests to verify or deny the leak at this time.


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