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GasLighting By The Mainstream Media Created Their Own Incineration

Gaslighting is an attempt to infuriate others through psychological manipulation with either context or an agenda driven narrative to accomplish dissent or chaos.

Such tactics are constantly used in America in the modern age by the mainstream media and political parties to undermine their opposition and drive home an a narrative of dissent or mistrust.

It's a dirty game of distrustful lies and obviously politically motivated treason that formally is occurring from the press on an almost daily occurrence in America today. Such tacticians are typically pundits from the leftist populated mainstream media to crucify President Trump with deceptive mistruths and calculated stories to further vilify his Administration.

There is no longer honesty or integrity in today's environment of journalism. In fact the term journalism if seldom one that could be used to describe the modern press.

Television networks such as CNN and MSNBC push provocative partial truth in order to discredit every action the President takes. They use half based accusations to underscore their personal preferences and push dishonest views as if they were facts.

It's a never-ending cycle of vicious attacks that have created an atmosphere of hate from their left wing viewers. Creating a dark cloud of hateful feelings towards President Trump from the most hardcore Democrats who would never have supported him even if he were in line with their views to begin with.

Those people then take the impartial bias as fact and continue to push those lies on social media. Savage attacks with not underscoring evidence at all are used all across every platform from these leftists to discredit the legitimacy of the President of the United States.

In my lifelong obsession with history and politics, I have never seen such an environment of propaganda being associated with a Democratically elected President of the United States. Such hateful rhetoric is used that anger amongst the right has surged to an all time high with feelings of contempt for the media and their alternative left viewership that takes the propaganda and uses it as a tool of rebellion.

Many pundits, including those on the left wing networks, knowingly present such propaganda with the intention to gaslight their cause for utter disorder. Using ‘unnamed sources’ to present their idealistic lies and purposeful hate has become the new normal.

In fact so much that if these pundits even catch wind of something that may underscore their agenda of divisive proposals, they will use those opinions as a basis to televise their own feelings of disregard for the President. There is almost zero follow through or investigative journalism used in presenting those pre-written scripts before the broadcast, which in turn proves them to no longer be a source of ‘news’ at all but a monstrous and well financed machine of propaganda and abusive opinions.

The dangers of this presentation is that the youth which is every day growing more mature and entering the realm of politics, see what they assume to be ‘breaking news’ via these outlets and accept it as factual evidence. At least in theory this is what the globalist owned left-wing media hopes to accomplish.

Where they make a grave mistake however is in trusting that today's youth with be as ill informed as their predecessor generations. The media doesn't take into account that the modern youth uses the internet more so than television as the entire world is literally available at the tips of their fingers.

Whereas previous generations may have simply listened to one of the television pundit opinions and accepted it as a reality, the current breed of Generation Z, Millennials, and many from Generation X will coherently register any and all printed text and then begin to research their own answers from a variety of sources in order to make a logical conclusion.

In fact, the gaslighting attempts by the media have if anything backfired in the long run against the leftist agenda. While it may create some anguish and despair for the older generations and boomers especially, the next generations brand of American voters have such hate and despicable views of the press that the ‘dinosaur media’ publications have effectively signed their own death warrant.

With printed press such as the Washington Post and the New York Times on an ever uninspired basis using complete distribution of their empires to shove lies out into the open, the hate for these outlets is growing amongst every age group. Fact checkers and realists from the modern youth are proving them wrong at every turn.

So much that these outlets will run obvious propaganda only to have hours later be forced to recant their statements from being exposed as complete lies. Imagine my shock as their viewership and traffic is below a simple pundit on the internet, who will have ten times the engagement than that of a large billion dollar invested media outlet.

Using forums and image boards and group chat’s all across every platform today's youth of whom will become tomorrow's brightest leaders are considered to be the most right wing generations in American history. A strong counter from decades of liberal ideals and progressive viewpoints.

Instead of the media using their power to unify the country and help better society through policies that protect the everyday man, they choose to continue this downward spiral of uncertain demise.

So much that they are literally crumbling and dying at every release of an article, every online post, every tweet, every opinion stated. Many of these outlets have been forced to remove the comment sections from their online publications entirely simply because they are being brutally attacked by truth seekers who prove them wrong on a daily basis. Check their Twitter accounts for example to see squadrons of former Democrats and Right Wing next generation voters arguing against them with actual logic and reason showing them to be the gaslighting liars that they are.

One thing is ultimately certain, in America we are supposed to have a free press. Such is supposed to be the ideals of the media which once has brazen investigative journalists who would seek the truth by following actual leads. That era of admirable mainstream media however is completely dead.

Even more so every outlet seems to run the same headlines and talking points as if they all receive a morning newsletter from the same globalist regime to slightly modify the words and shove the same agenda down the throats of the public.

I'm certain I speak for the majority of Americans when I say that I will not idle as anyone attempts to strangle me. I believe that most citizens of the free world agree that there is an ongoing information war, and as such we are the participants of this battlefield of truth and integrity.

I for one would never have in my wildest dreams as a child imagined such an environment in modern society where the press was as distrusted as it currently is. Instead honest and traditional Americans check individual accounts of freelance investigative journalists for their daily bread of news versus using the dinosaur press.

This is something the media could have prevented if they didn't gaslight. They now own their future demise. They printed their own death certificates. As the fire rises, their death of relevancy is most certainly happening. However it happened by their own hands. They only have themselves to blame

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Anonymous No. 3822 2017-06-16 : 21:05

Gaslighting for Goldwater by Red Pill, who never knew as a child his tall tales would get him such an easy and well paid job

Anonymous No. 3830 2017-06-16 : 22:54

Fuck me, if you want this shit to be taken serious then you should find yourselves a god damn editor.

Anonymous No. 3833 2017-06-16 : 23:41

they could do with real sources and reporters, never mind editor

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