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Texas Man Uses Shotgun To Shoot Innocents For Stress Relief

A Texas man has been charged for shooting a bicyclist from his vehicle to ‘blow off steam’, police officials have stated.

A 19 year old Texas man, identified as Merrick David Isaacks was arrested this after a week long investigation into a June 7th shooting incident in Austin, Fox 4 News reported.

In the official police reports, Austin Police Department officers wrote that they responded to a call about a possible shooting incident shortly after midnight. Upon arrival to the scene of the crime, officers found a victim struggling for survival with a gunshot wound injury to his back, shoulder, and head. One officer stated the injuries appeared to be consistent with a shotgun blast.

Later the victim was identified as Alonso Solis Mata, after his immediate rush to the hospital for emergency life saving surgery. Surgeons at the hospital stated they indeed did find pellets from the shotgun blast in the victim's back and shoulder region. Even worse, hospital officials said, “several artifacts were removed from the patient's brain stem” which could lead to lifelong brain damage or uncertain medical disabilities in the future.

Upon further investigation from Austin Detectives they were able to connect this crime with similar incidents in the region. . A witness in that case said Isaacks threatened him with a shotgun to drive around the city to help “blow off steam” and that he “wanted to shoot or kill someone.”

It appears as if Isaacks was a homicidal maniac intended on doing harm to others for his own personal pleasure, police said.

The witness said that as the driver he tried to convince Isaacks to not open fire and shoot people, but the 19-year-old didn’t listen. He said Isaacks “turned his entire body toward the passenger side door and lifted the shotgun to the window as if he was aiming at something and fired one shot.”

The witness then proceeded to tell police he believed the incident was on or around the same timeframe that Solis was shot while on his bicycle. After the shooting the witness said, Isaacks continue to fire his weapons into the air while driving around. The investigation is ongoing while Isaacks has already been charged for the known victims.

Isaacks has been charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and is being held on a $250,000 bail. He faced trial after a pending indictment which will most likely be returned soon as the evidence is clear.


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