By: Earnest Jones | 11-06-2016 | News
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U.S. Presidential Election 2016: Trump’s Lead Forces Clinton To Adopt New Strategy

Several polls have revealed the unexpected; after leading the race to the White House for a while, the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has been overtaken by the Republican nominee Donald Trump who had severe challenges to overcome; one of them being the serious allegations laid upon him by eleven women all claiming that he sexually harassed them. Trump has made commendable progress as the race to the White House intensifies. The Republican nominee Donald Trump has been gaining ground in the recent past, this has been evident from the polls that have been released by different pollsters. However, the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has made a crucial error by focusing on States where Democrats are welcome, why? Well, I’m glad you asked.

In a statement released by a BBC correspondent, the presidential candidates have adopted a totally different strategy where they are focusing on urging their supporters to cast votes for them instead of trying to convince the undecided voters to vote. This campaign strategy targets the voters that are already decided and have made-up their minds on which candidate they expect to vote for.

Reports suggest that thirty-seven million ballots have already been casted at such an early moment. There have also been rumors circulating that there is the probability of an al-Qaeda attack; the U.S. authorities are on toes as they strive to assess the credibility of the unconfirmed reports. Speculations have it that the whole idea behind the terror attacks is to completely disrupt the presidential elections in Texas, New York, and Virginia being the possible targets of the attack. The attacks are targeted to be unleashed on Tuesday. The police spokesman addressed the issue by stating that it lacked concrete evidence and specificity. The security officials also reported that assessment of such threats and attacks is inevitable before any major events take place.

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