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Depraved Ideology: President Trump Ends Obama Era Cuban Deal

President Trump has announced he's completely rolled back the Obama Era Cuba Deal, slicing the throats of those who would make deals with the Communist nation that treats it's own people with a barbaric and disgusting attitude.

President Trump said, “We're ending Obama’s one sided deal with Cuba.” as he made the announcement today at the Miami theater associated with Cuban Exiles.

Such a move will once again prevent travel to the Communist nation for personal pleasure at the expense of Cubans who are suffering. President Trump said that there was a “true and brutal nature of the castro regime filled with a depraved ideology” as he continued in his remarks about the savage treatment of the Cuban people.

He went on to suggest the United States shouldn't reward nations that disregard life on their island with “cracks of firing squads piercing through the ocean breeze.” Suggesting that the embargo will be upheld once again under his Administration he also said “The harboring of criminals and fugitives will end. It will end!”

It will also end the surge of cash being flowed from the United States into Cuba that has been a common occurrence since President Obama’s Administration pushed for the one-sided deal without Congressional approval.

President Trump along the campaign trail said that you simply don't reward barbaric dictators and cruel leaders. The Cuban people who have fled the island under Castro know just how vicious and deadly life is for those remaining.

For whatever reasons, most likely selfish to claim some sort of victory for his own legacy, Obama chose to deal with the devil and offer solutions that would assist the regime versus the people of Cuba. America shouldn't be dealing with cruel leadership and should if anything encourage a coup of the terrifying regime.

The cheering crowd if flag waving Cubans listened to the President with heart warming smiles as he spoke, saying “Effective immediately, I am canceling the last administration’s completely one-sided deal with Cuba.” The Cuban heavy crowd erupted in applause.

“With God’s help, a free Cuba is what we will soon achieve.” The President remarked. The people of Cuba and those who have managed to escape the horrors of the island know full well what sort of terror is brought on them by the leadership. Men, women, and Children are treated with such disregard that their own lives value less than that of a pygmy goat used to slaughter and feed others.

A once opposing candidate to President Trump, now an ally in Senator Marco Rubio, spoke before the President at the Miami event. Rubio knows more than anyone, being a Cuban-American lawmaker who helped craft the new policy, about the horrors of the Castro Regime and the brutality inflicted on the people.

Rubio in his took a shot at Trump’s predecessor Barack Hussein Obama for his visit to Cuba last March. “A year and a half ago … an American president landed in Havana to outstretch his hand to a regime. Today, a new president lands in Miami to reach out his hand to the people of Cuba,” Rubio said to a roaring applause.

President Trump said, “Little Marco is tough,” inciting laughter.

US airlines and cruise ships will still be allowed to actively navigate the waters near the island. The US Embassy in Havana also remain open as an outpost for communications with the Cuban People and diplomatic ties and those serving abroad.

It's clear President Trump wants to negotiate a better deal if not push for a democracy in the region before dealing with the dictatorship that has oppressed millions for far too many decades.

The majority of President Trump’s words focused on the crimes and brutality of the Castro government against it's own citizens. He said unlike the ignorant tone of the Obama Era that his own Administration would not “hide from it.” He directly accused the savage regime of harboring “cop killers, hijackers and terrorists” while suggesting his strong policy changes as meant to encourage a free and democratic Cuba.



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President Trump's Depraved Ideology

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