By: Savannah Smith | 11-05-2016 | News
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Even Close Aides Believe Hillary Is A Liar, " Not Human"

Her closest aides and allies would know Hillary Clinton best, but even them think Hillary is dishonest, and one truly revealing description even calls her " robotic".

Such are the revelations from the latest Wikileaks releases showing the email exchanges of Clinton campaign chair John Podesta and Neera Tanden, president of the left-wing think tank Center for American Progress.

Tanden is not just a political ally of Hillary but a friend of her, and surely she knows the Democratic nominee intimately, up close and personal. But even Tandem could not trust Hillary on her words.

In the email exchange Tanden had with Podesta, she wrote that Hillary " often says she absolutely won't do something and she does it".

Tanden also asked Podesta to closely guard Hillary, to " stay on her", " lock her in ", because if he does that, there might be a chance that " eventually Hillary will sound like a human". It is a clear dig at Hillary's " robotic" ways and perhaps penchant for coming out with scripted answers that lack sincerity, that is if Hillary is not churning out absolute lies.

Tanden as shown by the WikiLeaks releases often criticized Hillary and her aides for how she's coming out presumably to the public. Tanden's beef is that Hillary came off as " politically craven at best or a liar at worst."

The biggest indictment of Hillary's lying ways and general untrustworthiness came from the chief person responsible for her campaign, Podesta no less. In an email exchange with Tanden on September 2015, Podesta shared that he confronted Clinton after she described herself as a " moderate Democrat" on the campaign trail.

Hillary's answer to Podesta during the confrontation? She claimed she didn't remember saying it. Just as she claimed many times in her testimony in relation to her email scandal that she " does not recall" many circumstances and details surrounding her illegal private server. She used the phrase and alibi " does not recall" or creative variations of it 21 times, according to Judicial Watch.

Apparently, even Podesta finds it difficult to believe Hillary. " Not sure I believe her", Podesta wrote.

When her own allies and close aides believe she's a liar, no wonder then why Hillary is failing ever honesty poll there is among likely voters.

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