By: Savannah Smith | 11-04-2016 | News
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Hillary As Secretary Of State Forwarded A Classified Email to Daughter Chelsea

Another proof that Hillary Clinton happily mixes her public office and her private affairs without regard for legal concerns and ethical issues just came out with new email releases from the State Department.

The contentious emails contained material that the State Department classified last year, proving that any information in the email is not only of national significance, but it is also confidential. It involves a 2009 email that President Obama's trade adviser, Michael Froman, sent to senior White House and State Department officials. It bears emphasis that it was an email meant only for the trusted few in two highly-sensitive government offices that should operate with judicious confidentiality for its affairs.

But what did Hillary Clinton do when the said email reached her? She forwarded it to her daughter Chelsea Clinton who is not in any way officially connected to the State Department, the White House, or any government office.

Further proof of Hillary's questionable practices is that the said email forwarded to her daughter Chelsea used an email pseudonym for the younger Clinton under the fictitious name" Diane Reynolds".

A short note from Hillary also accompanied her forwarded email to Chelsea with the message " see below".

What is the implication of this? That Hillary has no remorse or even thought for breaking rules and protocol of her office, but that she may have wanted to provide cover for her daughter by having her use an email pseudonym.

And the bigger issue- why should Chelsea have access to essential but confidential information from President Obama's trade adviser when she's not from government, but is a high-ranking official in her family-run " charity" organization, the Clinton Foundation?

One of the top criticisms against Hillary that persists to this day and won't probably go away is the allegation of corruption and unethical practice of how she has managed to deeply intertwine her State Department office when she worked as Secretary of State and operations of the Clinton Foundation. Serious charges of how Hillary and her aides have used her position as Secretary of State to curry favors to top donors of the Clinton Foundation.

The FBI is stepping up anew its probe into the Clinton Foundation reportedly with an avalanche of information coming in everyday.

Now, that should give voters pause and serious consideration when they think of Hillary come November 8.

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