By: Savannah Smith | 06-16-2017 | News
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‘Insensitive’ Progressive Group Embarks on Email Attacks Right After Scalise Shooting

Mere ten hours after House Majority Whip Steve Scalise was shot while practicing for the annual Congressional Baseball Game, another attack of a different approach but possibly same ill intent took place. People For The American Way (PFAW), a progressive advocacy group, sent an email to their subscriber's list attacking the three judicial nominees of the Trump administration.

PFAW condemned John K. Bush, Damien Schiff, and Kevin Newsom on the mere basis of their blogs and previous statements advocating their conservative ideals. Ironically, PFAW prides itself for its vision in which “everyone is encouraged to participate in our nation’s civic and political life.” The three nominees were considered by the Senate Committee on the Judiciary on Wednesday.

PFAW Digital Campaign Coordinator Katie O’ Connell wrote: “Both of these picks have no shortage of experience writing offensive Fox News-esque blog posts that traffic in classic right-wing tropes about women’s rights, LGBT equality, and the place of the judicial system.”

The timing of the email attacks did not also give weight to the sensitivities prevailing that day after the shooting of Scalise, and a few hours only after House Majority Speaker Paul Ryan made an emotional plea for unity after the horrific shooting that also left four wounded at a GOP practice for the annual charity baseball game.

Ryan said emphatically: “We do not shed our humanity when we enter this House. For all the noise and all the fury, we are one family.”

In a rare act of unity, Democratic Rep. Mike Doyle of Pennsylvania agreed with Ryan during a press conference also on Wednesday afternoon and gathered with fellow Democratic lawmakers to pray for their colleagues in the Republican party. This while PFAW which claims to “combat hatred and bigotry” would rather attack Trump and his judicial nominees. They mocked Trump and said his nomination is “a prime example of how Trump cannot be trusted with the power to nominate judges.”

The email attacks of PFAW said the three nominees “exhibit extreme judicial ideology” and that their offensive remarks and behavior show “reckless temperaments not suited for the federal bench.”


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