By: Savannah Smith | 06-16-2017 | News
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Items Recovered at the Crime Scene Linked to Suspects in Sinoxolo Murder

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More items found at the scene of the murder of Khayelitsha teen Sinoxolo Mafevuka have been linked to the two cousins standing trial for the teenager’s death.

The Western Cape High Court heard that brown sunglasses and a cream cardigan with glitter stripes were seen on the accused, Xolisa Mafilika and Athabile Mafilika. Witness Nozuko Stenge, the mother of Mafevuka’s close friend Aviwe Stenge, testified that she saw both the accused wearing the said items recovered at the murder scene. Stenge further said that she had seen Xolisa wearing the sunglasses nearly a month before Mafevuka’s body was found. She could not recall precisely the last time she saw the cardigan on the accused but said it could have been around a few months before Mafevuka’s murder.

The 19-year-old Mafevuka’s mutilated body was discovered in the communal toilets at the SST Block in Town Two, Khayelitsha, om March 2 last year.

Andiswa Baba, a previous witness and a community leader was the first one to link the clothing item recovered at the scene to the two accused. The cardigan was used to cover the lifeless body of Mafevuka.

Xolisa’s lawyer, Mornay Calitz, denied the allegations and said the items did not belong to his client. Instead, the defense lawyer pressed that the cardigan belonged to Mafevuka.

The trial will continue.

Mafevuka’s murder is being closely followed because of the horrific circumstances surrounding her killing. A post-mortem confirmed that she was strangled. She was also found naked, with her body slumped over a toilet. Her clothes had been left into the cistern. Water from the leaking toilet is believed to have washed any possible DNA evidence away.

Police authorities are looking at jealousy angle as the motive for her murder. They claim that the accused cousins may have been angered by Mafevuka leaving a Khayelitsha tavern with another man, while their cousin was just making plans to marry her.


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