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Here's How the KKK Spooked the DNC

I want to set the record straight. Donald Trump finds the KKK newspaper repulsive. That means he is disgusted by the endorsement the Ku Klux Klan newspaper called The Crusader has given the republican candidate. Some other synonyms for repulsive are revolting, detestable, sickening. The list goes on and on. This needs to be made clear, as currently the President of the United States. Barrack Obama is campaigning for Hillary Clinton. He has announced that the KKK is endorsing Donald Trump. Clearly he is attempting to deflect the news of Hillary Clinton’s latest FBI scandal. By changing the subject to white supremacy and Donald Trump. It is clear to me, that no reasonable American considers the KKK’s endorsement as anything other than an attempt to make the KKK appear more important. It does nothing to help Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is a decent man, his campaign is being run decently and in order. I have never heard a speech by Donald Trump that included any sort of rhetoric that could have been construed as racist in any way. He is a smart, sensible man. With a proven track record of doing business with many different races and even those that have been involved with race mixing.

What I have heard coming from major Democratic donors is; “Black people are seriously fucked in head.” James Barber is heard saying this in the recent Veritas video. His campaign contribution was accepted by the DNC. They seem to accept this blatant racists money and his endorsement of the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton. Wow, our Black President is supporting the candidate that is accepting donations from known racists. At the same time, he is accusing Donald Trump of being a racist, and accepting the KKK’s endorsement. These people will do anything to advance their agenda on the American people and the world.

I am offended by Barack Obama’s choice of attack. He is known for his eloquence, and ability to clearly persuade audiences with his wits. He made the choice, to attack Trump by playing the race card.

“If you accept the support of Klan sympathizers — the Klan — and hesitate when asked about that support, then you’ll tolerate that support when you’re in office.” Barrack Obama said yesterday in North Carolina, while trying to gather support for Hillary Clinton.

I find Barrack Obama’s use of the race card repulsive. As in it is sickening to hear the President of the United States resort to such obvious bating of the crowd, in order to help his party at the expense of his own integrity.

It is obvious that the majority of white Americans support Donald Trump. That is not enough support for him to be elected President of the United States. Without the support of minority voters like the blacks, and the Catholics Donald Trump can’t expect to be elected. Of course he knows this, and President Obama knows it too. However, President Obama doesn’t seem to recognize the fact that blacks and catholic are smart enough to see right through his unseemly dialogue.

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