By Earnest Jones   |  06-16-2017   News
Photo credit: Morrisons

UK’s biggest supermarket burger has just set in for the much-awaited Father’s Day. Morrisons will be selling the ginormous burgers. It’s time for you to treat your old man to the UK’s biggest supermarket burger.

The ‘Daddy of all Burgers’, is a succulent burger that weighs in at a full pound and is 18cm in diameter. Morrisons’ are also selling giant freshly baked bread buns to match their burger for 50p.

The ‘Daddy of all Burgers’ is seasoned with paprika, sage, and parsley and is best barbecued evening for four minutes on each side. The burgers are made using 100% British beef and cost just £3.

The burger is made fresh at Morrisons’ Market Street Butchers counters and comes in celebration of Father’s Day. The burger will be available for just a limited time. It launched on the 14 June and is going to end on Sunday.

Supermarket’s butchery expert Paul Robinson said that all of Morrisons butchers will be making the mammoth burgers by hand. Unlike McDonald’s or Burger King that serve meals the size of a cookie, Morrison’s knows what a full-blown meal is all about.

Morrisons burger is four times the size of your average quarter pounder. That’s the same weight as a football.


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Anonymous No. 3772 1497583078

Oh sweet christ;

The ‘Daddy of all Burgers’, is a succulent burger that weighs in at a full pound (cute, clever even)

Morrisons burger is four times the size of your average quarter pounder.(Really? What was your first clue?)

That’s the same weight as a football. (Mmm, Oookayy? what American football, Football(soccer) football? point of strange comparison?)

NOTE; 4 min per side only if you like well done(charcoal), best cooked to personal preference[me rare - medium rare] put some sweet chilli dip on if you want a nice tang

P.S. This cute little thing is plus trimmings is already waiting for Sunday, oh the joy.

Yep, that'[s right, I'm a brit, who'll wait for a bit, before I sit, then start to eat, bit by oh so tasty bit…

24 hours later I'll finish the skit when off I flit to have a ???? :)

Anonymous No. 4215 1498325644

Update, it was delicious, although must confess next time I'm buying 2, picture it the large barm, buttered, chopped lettuce, sliced sweet pickled onion(try it), burger, cheese, sauce, burger, cheese, sauce, sliced tomatoes, top of barm. cooler of favourite beer, soda……………. oh yes, fat bastard? don't care, bliss.

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