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Migrant rescue ship Aquarius, which three months ago was at the centre of a row between Italy, France and Spain as to where it could unload hundreds of migrants rescued at sea, was today seeking a safe haven for 11 migrants it says were saved off the Libyan coast again.

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The rescue vessel said it moved in to save ten men and an unaccompanied minor from a sinking boat after trying to alert Libya's coastguard on Thursday morning. The migrants are said to be from Pakistan and Ivory Coast.

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Italy’s Interior Minister Mr Matteo Salvini said: "The Aquarius 2 (the official name for the boat) has recovered about 10 people in Libyan search and rescue waters, a few miles from the mainland, but refused to cooperate with the coastguard in Tripoli."

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"Now it's floating in the Mediterranean. I say it again and again: go wherever you want, but not to Italy."

The Aquarius confirmed that it had contacted authorities in Italy, Malta and Tunisia for help. Authorities in Rome, upon instruction of Mr Salvini, passed on the information and the ship’s location to the Libyan coastguard, who asked them to put the migrants on one of their patrol vessels.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">&#39;Go wherever you want, but not to Italy&#39;: Salvini denies entry to Aquarius migrant rescue boat, again <a href=""></a> <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; The Local Europe (@TheLocalEurope) <a href="">September 21, 2018</a></blockquote>

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However, the crew of the Aquarius, headed by French NGO SOS Méditerranée, claimed that Libyan ports were not considered places of safety.

The Aquarius has recently had to change its registration to Panama after Gibraltar revoked its flag.


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Robert Norwood No. 37627 1537544333

These fools think they're rescue operation is some great humanitarian effort. It's a joke. These migrants know what they're doing and they expect to be picked up and helped. Screw them, they want to go for a boat ride fine, if they sink even better.

William Byrd No. 37635 1537550065

They needn't cast off in a rickety boat….there a no end to contingent states where these interlopers could seek refuge.

Pizza Spugetta No. 37641 1537553557

That's clearly a naval invasion. Send the Italian Coast Guard out to sink the enemy vessel and any like it until the enemy surrenders.

m. noyfbah No. 37666 1537563162

f u aholes, go back to the s-holes you came from

Fuck you Rapefugee Dune Coons No. 37671 1537565567

Until these scows are sunk by shell fire 💥 by western navies.

Fuck you Rapefugee Dune Coons No. 37672 1537565599

Until these scows are sunk by shell fire 💥 by western navies this evil fraud will continue…

Anonymous No. 37673 1537565774

The invaders are being sent by the UN in order to destabilize established governments of the West. The UN will later swoop in, destroy the muslims, claim greatness, then everyone is screwed.

tab No. 37680 1537577564

who's paying their fare? …… JEWS

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