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Inside the Bohemian Grove Rituals of the Dark Demoncratic Elite

This is not Heavy Metal; this is not some Rock ’n Roll fantasy. This is America in 2016. The presidential election is coming soon, and the candidates are uncovered. Little remains hidden, as the republican and democrat candidates plan to work feverishly through the week-end in order to gain the last few undecided voters for their political team.

Halloween has past, but the leaks and news that continually come out belong in a trashy Halloween movie. Instead they are sobering, factual, and flaunted in our face. It is unfortunate, but clear that the upcoming election is more than liberal versus conservative, right wing versus left wing, populist nationalists versus the elite. It is an actual election of good versus evil. On an unprecedented scale, and at the point of unbelief by most normal people.

The Levantine gods Moloch and Baal are still worshipped by the Washington DC elite. It has come out in the Wiki leaks emails that Hillary Clinton herself has used chicken blood as a sacrifice to Moloch. Of course Moloch expects much more than chicken blood. This deity is the god that expects child sacrifices. This is the god that was worshipped in the time of Noah. Whose followers were washed off the earth by the great flood, while Noah and his family were preserved in the ark that God had Noah build.

Only a year ago in June of 2015 Tony Podesta of the Podesta email leaks was invited to a ‘Spirit Cooking Dinner’ with Marina Abramovic. Then he invited John his brother and John invited Mary his wife. The whole family is worshiping Satan. This is the most important person in the Democratic party for Hillary Clinton.

Spirit Cooking combines fresh breast milk with fresh sperm. It is to be drank in the evenings following earthquakes. This form of worship is certainly satanic. I find it hard to grasp that the predominantly Christian United States of America can even consider electing another Washington elite like Hillary Clinton. After all the actual religious leaks that have come out. By now everyone has heard of Bohemian Grove. The Billionaire getaway in the California Redwood forest, where they practice Druid rites, run around naked, and have an actual Moloch, in the form of an owl to worship and make sacrifices to. Really people, consider what you are doing. How can half of you be for this? I’m not perfect, but I consider myself normal, and I know instinctually that this is wrong. I can feel it in the bottom of my soul.

When it comes time to vote on Tuesday, please remember most of us do not live in an MTV music video. It is not normal to be the way the Democratic Party has become. Vote wisely, the future of the United States of America and the world depends on your action on Tuesday.

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