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Photo credit: United States Navy

Peter Mims Not Lost at Sea - Found Hiding in Engine Room

A United States Navy Sailor presumed to have been lost at sea has been found hiding as a stow away within the vessel’s engine room.

The Sailor who was considered lost at sea at first was a service member onboard the USS Shiloh. The missing Sailor triggered a massive search-and-rescue effort that prolonged the business of the entire fleet as well taking over fifty hours to complete. Such action of a missing crewmember is one that triggers the heartstrings of other members onboard as they refuse to leave another Sailor behind.

Pentagon Officials have stated Gas Turbine Systems Technician (Mechanical) 3rd Class Peter Mims is expected to receive transport via helicopter off the ship and given a full medical and psychological evaluation. It's likely a common occurrence for some that cannot ascertain the stress endured of being on the open sea.

Rear Admiral Charles Wilson, Commander of the Carrier Strike Group 5 and Task Force 70, said, “We are thankful to have found our missing shipmate and appreciate all the hard work of our sailors and Japanese partners in searching for him.” in a statement posted to the 7th Fleet website earlier.

Visually frustrated the Admiral was also very grateful for it to not have been a casualty situation, adding, “I am relieved that this sailor's family will not be joining the ranks of Gold Star Families that have sacrificed so much for our country.”

The search began on June 8th which extended until midnight on June 11th, delaying the normal day to day operations of the fleet at great cost financially and physically.

A widespread search of more than 5,500 square miles of water off Japan also brought the Japanese Coast Guard in to assist. Such action could range in the hundreds of thousands of not millions wasted in manpower and fuel as well as days of obstruction and delay for both nations.

The Navy released a statement saying that Mims joined the service in February 2014. During his service he was given much praise and had served aboard the Shiloh since August 2014 as a member of the Marine Corps. His awards were honorable and included the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal.


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FakeName No. 4034 2017-06-21 : 17:39

This mix of being laughably uninformed about the chosen topic and the failed attempt to sound intelligent is representative of many online articles I've read over the past few years.


1. Don't make a comment on something you haven't actually researched/don't really understand.

2. If you don't know how to use a phrase or word(s); just leave it out.

Better to have an easily understood article than to lose your reader halfway through because you thought you'd try being clever out of your depth.

Whatever happened to editors, for God's sake?

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