By: Red Pill | 06-15-2017 | News
Photo credit: FLOTUS | Twitter

Melania's Orange Dot Confirms Covfefe!

As America now knows yesterday was President Donald J. Trump’s 71st birthday. However that hasn't stopped the dark conspiracy theories from following him like a dog chasing it's tail.

A tweet from his beautiful wife Melania wishing him a happy birthday on Twitter has created a new underground claim that maybe there is more than meets the eye.

The First Lady of the United States has shared a photo of a card she gave to the President of the United States for his birthday that had three heart emojis and a US Flag on it.

The exquisite card said “Happy Birthday Mr. President” on it under a Presidential Seal that was written in a gold pallet of fashion.

However fashionable the card may have been people were distracted by something deeper within the card. In the center of the card there was an odd stain that raised eyebrows of those across social media.

Could it have been… Covfefe? It must be. Undoubtedly the President or his wife has been devouring the covfefe and must have spilled it on the card. What other explanation could there be for the odd stain?

Could it have been iced tea? Red or white wine from their casual dining together? It certainly wasn't the stains former Democratic President’s such as Bill Clinton is famous for leaving. It isn't a blue dress and Melania is gorgeous unlike the vile hildabeast.

Maybe there was a secret coded message within the stain. Or even more could it have contained the nuclear codes? What if the solution to all life on earth was encrypted in that stain? Possibly even it withheld evidence of extraterrestrial life and America's intentions to expand cooperation with the alien lifeforms.

It didn't stop the left wing of social media from printing such claims that it could have contained an ‘SOS’ message for help. Or maybe it was Donald Trump's thumbprint they said, a testament to their claims of his ‘small hands’.

There really is much that these childish Democrats won't go into claiming as long as it serves their hate filled antics against the right. I for one enjoy watching them waddle in a puddle of their own misery. Their conspiracies and propaganda is more enjoyable than that of Alex Jones and let's be honest, Alex Jones is incredibly entertaining.

I think a may have found the answer however. Actually I'm certain I believe to know the what the coded pandora’s box within the stain was actually sourced from.

I prefer to think it's a stain from the tears of liberals across America that realize their party has imploded and devoured itself.


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Anonymous No. 3749 2017-06-15 : 20:53

There's a weird stain in the Whitehouse!…

Sorry not, I was wrong it's just Trump's hair dye

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