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Deadlocked Jury in Cosby Case - How Many are Black?

Answer: Only Two

It’s getting hard for the Jury in Bill Cosby’s case to reach a verdict. The deliberations on Cosby’s fate have continued into the fourth day. The anxious bench told Judge Steven O’Neill that they are deadlocked.

The jury pointed out that they cannot come to unanimous consensus on any of the counts. The judge empathized with the jury and asked them to keep working.

Andrew Wyatt, who is Cosby’s spokesman, says that the jury’s confusion is somewhat a victory for the actor and comedian.

The requisitioned jury has been on it for nearly 30 hours since getting the case on Monday. They however, paused a half-dozen times to revisit key evidence, including Cosby’s decade-old admissions that he fondled Constand.

Cosby arrived at the courthouse Thursday morning for the start of yet another day of jury talks. O’Neill seemed angry at times as the court staff struggled to answer the jury’s requests. Unfortunately, one batch of requested testimony hadn’t even been transcribed yet.

O’Neill praised the jurors for breaking for the day on Wednesday, adding that the move was incredible since the jury had just acted with incredible dignity and fidelity.

Cosby is faced with three counts of aggravated indecent assault. Each carries a maximum 10-year prison term, though the counts could be merged at sentencing if he is convicted.

Cosby’s reputation as America’s dad has already been ruined by the proceedings. The actor and comedian has wavered between stoic and smiling as he awaits his fate. However, he gave a brief thumbs-up as jurors listened to a court reporter reread his January 2005 police interview.

As he was being interviewed, Cosby claimed that Constand showed no ill effects from the 1 1/2 Benadryl pills he gave her to help her relax, and that she never objected to his behavior during the 2004 encounter at his suburban Philadelphia home.

In response to Cosby’s accounts, Constand testified last week that she was paralyzed by the pills and unable to fight Cosby off. Gianna Constand, who is the victim’s mother, pulled a cloth from her pocket to wipe away tears Wednesday as she listened to the testimony. On the other hand, Cosby’s lawyers maintain that Constand was a willing sexual partner.


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Anonymous No. 3738 2017-06-15 : 18:06

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Here's some more alternatives;

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Anonymous No. 3761 2017-06-15 : 23:57

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I really don't get why you're so upset.

Anonymous No. 3775 2017-06-16 : 04:08

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