By: Savannah Smith | 11-04-2016 | News
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Clinton Getting Insider Information From DOJ Regarding Her Case

So this is how Clinton politics works:

Act 1: Clinton top aide Podesta gets Kadzik to defend him for work he did for original boss Bill Clinton but which had him investigated, Kadzik does an 'amazing' job and keeps him out of jail.

Act 2: Podesta then lobbies hard for Obama administration to appoint Kadzik at the Justice Department.

Those two we already know. Then something new comes out-

Act 3: Then when Podesta's new boss, Hillary Clinton gets into trouble and gets investigated herself, Kadzik reports to Podesta about developments on the Hillary case at the DOJ. Pretty neat, right? Pretty unethical and highly illegal as well.

The most recent WikiLeaks releases show that Peter Kadzik, Assistant Attorney General at the DOJ in charge of the Hillary private email server scandal investigation, gave a heads-up to Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta about DOJ developments on Hillary's case through an exchange of emails.

Under the email subject ' heads-up', Kadzik wrote to Podesta informing him that there will be a House Judiciary Committee Oversight hearing on Hillary and State Department's case. And even added the crucial and supposedly internal, if not confidential, detail that it is likely that questions about the State Department emails will be asked.

Podesta wrote back, added other Clinton aides into the loop and said " additional chances for mischief".

Kadzik used a private gmail address to email Podesta- to talk about internal DOJ matters of an official investigation involving Podesta and his boss Hillary.

Republican nominee Donald Trump blasted the Podesta-Kadzik relations that go a long way back, and how their transactions together illustrate clear cases of conflict of interest and unethical practices.

Trump also reminded voters that Podesta and Kadzik met for dinner after Clinton testified about Benghazi. Other leaked emails show the two met for dinner on other occasions as well including one this year. Kadzik's son also emailed Podesta asking about possible work in Clinton's campaign.

" These are the people who want to run our country, folks!", Trump warned.

Such is the kind of politics of Clinton and company. If Trump has his way, and if voters will see the light, he wants another ' act' added to close the narrative of Clinton's dirty politics with a redeeming act- for Americans:

Act 4, Trump's plea to voters: Your vote can change the rigged system. We won't have this chance again, ever. Not in four years. What we have now is a movement, that's never happened before. Go out and vote. And change the rigged system.

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